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    I am in charge of obtaining new pagers for our department. We currently use a Minitor II pager, using lowband. My chief wants a pager with voice record, vibrate, and good reliability. Can anyone share their thoughts on different models that I should evaluate before I purchase? Any and all info would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Captain Scott Lambert
    Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department

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    ADSN/WFLD Guest


    We just got back our recently "repaired" Motorola Minitor III and it would seem that they are now operating as advertised. Our pagers have the recording and vibrate features and I do like it.
    Personally I liked the minitor II but they didn't offer the advanced features with it.
    I think Motorola handled their crisis relativly well, and am still bias towards them.
    I also have a Motorola MT2000 with the pager option and think it works better than my pager. I don't know if its an option but it would kill two birds with one stone.

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    FFDisp2827 Guest


    We have expierenced allot of problems with the minitor II voice storage units. If we had to do it again, we would not have purchased that model. The minitors III's had there problems, supposed to be fixed now, but who knows..

    I like the minitor II (standard model) and hope I can keep until either it dies or I do!


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    Brian Dunlap Guest


    My Company currently uses the Motorola Minitor II SV { Stored Voice } We have the mode of storing one 32 second message in the unit --- We currently have about 40 of these in circulation and a few Basic Minitor II's floating around --- Never had major problems except for the usual broken clips and lost knobs --- They do not Vibrate but I do know of a model called the Key-Note Pager it has several options including Voice Storage and vibrate --- Used one of these a demo unit in the department i used to belong to --- Great Unit Loud but very small --- About the size of a basic phone pager

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