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    Question Station Alerting Equipment

    We're building a new public safety building next year, and are looking into station alerting systems. Anybody have a station alerting system that allows firefighters in the station to hear the 9-1-1 call in progress? This would allow firefighters to get a jump on the call, and have better and more complete info prior to responding. Also, any comments (good or bad) on the station alerting systems you are using now would be appreciated.

    R.A. Ricciuti, Firefighter
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    We did have this in our station (4) and we did away with it. We placed the newest Zetron system we could get which cut out this kind of information going out on the intercom systems.

    Some have thought that in doing so it could be a privacy issue and therefore a liable problem.

    Most of us like the current way of doing it. The Zetron allows the tone out then it opens the radio for 10-14 seconds the time for dispatcher to put out vital info and get us moving. It seems to be working great. And it does not bother everyone else who is in the station that has other business.


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    Zetron is the way to go. There is other systems out there. In fact our local motorola dealer built a system for us under 5000.00 for three stations with a little southern engineering.
    Have you ever considered a pre-alert. Meaning dispatch simply keys the mike and states something to the effect of --- "We have a Fire report on Main St" Then after the dispatcher is finished keying in the call she sets the tones off and dispatches in the normal manner. This will help get the guys out of their chairs. I have heard about stations hearing the 911 phones but not lately. This was an old theory that never really took off in our area.

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