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    Question What kind of CAD systems are being used?

    We are looking to buy an off the self CAD fire alarm system which would be able to interface with the RFAR (radio transmitters)? We have a system that is somewhat new but is not doing what we expected, and has cost a big $$ in programmer fees. Who has what and where can I get the information about the sytem you might be taking about?

    Don Zimmerman, Hanford Fire


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    Spotsylvania County's CAD is supplied by DM DATA out of New Jersey. There fire CAD is fairly new and still being fine tuned. Their information data collection section and law enforcement section are really good.

    Mike Gray
    SVFD Co.4

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    Our department uses HTE's public safety CAD and incident reporting systems. We have had tremendous success. Although we do not have the interface you are speaking of I am sure they have dealt with it. We utilize just about every other feature including Wireless CDPD mobiles and AVL's.

    Check out www.hteinc.com

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    Our Police and Fire Departments use CAD software from PAMET systems in Acton, Massachusetts. You believe you can contact them at www.pamet.com

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    Captain Gonzo

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    Warren County NT uses CAD from New World Systems in Troy MI. It works well, has good support, and has excellent records. It is used on IBM AS/400, can be used through PC's and networked. It can be single or multi-jurisdictional.


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