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    Question I'm teaching a class, need some help

    I'm teaching a 60 hour class at a local technical college called "Radio Technology."

    It's aimed at public safety communications personell, most specifically fire and police dispatchers.

    In the catalog, the course is described as
    This class will help you understand and troubleshoot the radios in an emergency communications center. Topics include UHF/VHF, base/repeaters, wireless services, and analog versus digital lines. With the exception of 2 hands-on sessions, all classes will be held on-line.
    I did not write the description, but have license to teach basically whatever I want.

    This is a continuing education course, aimed at the dispatcher who wants to know more about the radio than just "push to talk, release to listen."

    If you were taking this course, what would you want to learn?

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    I'd want to learn about different frequency allocations, what they are used for, and why some frequencies are compatible with certain repeaters and other frequencies. I'd also want to learn about the latest technology in dispatching related to CADs, MDTs, GPS, etc. If it is a fire dispatcher, I'd even throw in the different methods of station alerting (PA vs radio, vs teletype). Priority EMS dispatch and Medical dispatch protocols. Finally, a neat project would be to have your students set up the "perfect" 911 dispatch center. Have them tailor it to a specific locale and give them the functions for which they need to dispatch. Also, maybe throw in some tours and case studies of other dispatch centers nationwide.

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