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    Question Advisor Gold and Text Paging

    In the last few years our county converted its two-tone voice pagers to digital text pagers. We utilize Motorola Advisor Golds. However, these pagers only allow for the programming of four PIN Codes. In our district each station has one of these codes, along with special repsone teams have their own, officers have another, and a district all call.

    My pager is full, but I need it to store more PIN codes. Does anyone know if Motorola or another company make text pagers that can be programmed with more than four PIN Codes?

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    Are all your alpha pagers operating off a single phone #, and the only way to single out pagers is by sending different capcodes/PIN codes? Or does every pager have a unique phone number?

    Why can't you just buy computer paging software that allows for setting up custom paging groups? This has always seemed far more flexible to me. This method assumes every pager has it's own phone number. I guess this might be a costlier solution, but it sure is a more customizable product. I can add/change/modify/delete my groups within seconds using simple software.

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    That would be the easy solution, but the paging system is used for all fire, police, and government. To make up groups has been frowned upon by higher ups. The problem is that I am part of fire and emergency management, two completely seperate organizations. I don't think its proper for me to ask for my own group which would require some serious reprogamming by both organizations. That is why I was looking for the pager solution. Thanks for the reply.

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