Okay I've been a weekend supervisor/dispatcher for an alarm company (lost that because the company moved to Florida 15 months ago and we're still waiting to see if we'd get transferred with them).I guess I can give hopes of that up. * L * So we got transfered to the Special Services department since October of 1999 to do cxls of accounts, resigns, service contracts and thing like that. Well I just got informed this afternoon that my department as of today was no longer going to exist. I've been with the company 26 and a half months now but this looks like it for me there. Time to find a new job, I'm a FF/EMT from Pa. and I'd love to be a dispatcher for fire-ems somewhere. Anybody know where they are hiring? I live in N.E.Pa but would gladly move out of the are for the right job.

Edwardsville Emergency Services, Station 10
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