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    Post New Communication Centers

    Looking to visit any new communication centers that are less than 5 years old. Gearing up to build new communication center & EOC and wish to visit several facilities. Please email information to me. Thanks Shelbycounty911@aol.com

    Raymond Chiozza, Director
    Shelby County 911

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    If you are in the travelling mood, Clearfield PD/FD just built a new center in Clearfield Utah. About 20 minutes north of Salt Lake City. Very nice facility. Phone number is 801-525-2806. The director is named Tami. She is a really decent outgoing person. Contact her, she would be willing to help I think. They have a 2nd floor facility with windows running the full length of the floor to ceiling along the north wall. They can watch the fire station, the freeway and Hill AFB jets taking off and landing.
    E-mail me if you need more help.

    Stay safe,


    If in doubt - Call us out

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    Our center in Belmont County, Ohio is 4 years old. We played with the cad and the old radio systems for about 7 months until we went on line with 911. We began using a 800 mhz trunking radio system about 2 years ago. It's the best thing since sliced bread. The fire/EMS units are using analog radios and the police are all digital. The Ohio Highway Patrol are using our radio system as a test site before they go 800 statewide. We have 4 dispatch stations plus a supervisor station in an adjoining room. The director has a radio console in his office too. The CAD system we're using is made by EMERGITECH from Reynoldsburg, Ohio. We're looking to replace it soon with a windows based CAD.

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    Again, if your up for the traveling Southeast East Communication (SECOMM) which is located in Richland Washington has a fairly new facility with EOC. They provide for 7 fire departments and 4 police departments. Population of the area is pushing 250,000 and growing. We have a Chemical weapons storage and nuclear facility both going through mass amounts of clean up on either side of the metro area. Lots of issues you might find interesting.

    The Benton County Emergency preparedness has web site for additional information.

    Captain Don Zimmerman, Hanford Fire

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    Montgomery County in Texas just completed a communications center. It houses 911, fire/ems, and the sherriffs, dept.

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    We just opened our new 911 office in Murray country GA it is about 6 months old. We are about half an hour south of Cleveland TN. I belive our Director might be willing to let people see it. If you want any more info e-mail me at mcfd3213@yahoo.com

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