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    Post Dispatcher training in Canada

    Does anybody know if there is training for dispatchers in Canada somewhere? I am interested in anything. Online, corespondence, or whatever. Thanks.

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    Try http://www.apco911.org/ they are an international organization and provide for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMD training. They also have online courses now as well.

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    I took Emergency Medical Dispatch in October from Medical Priority out of Salt Lake City. They held an EMD Version 11.0 course in Calgary (actually, several). They are holding an EFD course in Red Deer in May, and I've signed up for it, but I haven't heard back yet.

    Go to <A HREF="http://www.medicalpriority.com/">http://www.medicalpriority.com/</A> and choose either the medical or fire course per your preference, and click on Training. From there you can see a course list. The courses are three days long and are stuffed FULL of information but they're very well worth it.

    I just checked the course lists. It appears Red Deer is the only Canadian course for the fire protocol this spring/summer. For medical, there was one in New West early in April, there's a course in Calgary starting on 4/23, one in Winnipeg in the beginning of June and another in Lethbridge in the middle of June. The lists are updated all the time, so check it often.

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