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    Asst57 Guest

    Cool shifts????

    Can anyone give me pro's/cons on 12 hour shifts in a dispatch center? we currently work 8 hour shifts. rotating through all 3 turns... 7 midnights, 2 off, 7 afternoons, 2 off, 6 daylightws & a 4 day weekend & then back to midnights.... We want to go to 12 hr shifts... 2 - 2 - 3 rotation... 84 hours in 2 weeks. Labor relations says 8 hrs OT in the 1st week because we will be working 48 hours in a week. Our county commisioners say NO WAY to the OT, even though we say it will be a savings because we had 700+ calloffs last year from 48 dispatchers, 50 % on the weekends... We're all burnt out & sick of working long stretches & all 3 turns... we're really looking for help in how 12 hour shifts work for other centers, like calloffs & overall moral in employees....

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    firefighteranne Guest



    We don't work 12-hour shifts in dispatch, but our officers do.

    To get away from the OT, would it be feasible to work one short shift (8 hours) in your two-week cycle?

    For example: 12, 12, 12, off, off, 12, 8, off, off, off, 12, 12, off, off.

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    EStoner28 Guest


    Man I'd LOVE my 12's back. The way we did it here, until we hired young kids that hated working all night, was 2 days (0700-1900) 2 nights (1900-0700) and 4 days off. This creates long and short pay periods based on a 80 hour bi-weekly pay period. We were given "Kelley" or "Floater" days off once a month, 9 months out of the year. Just a 5th day off once a month. Anything worked on days off or outside your normal tour was OT. This cut out the worries of OT and also gave some incentive to most as a 5th day off once a month equals a mini vacation every month. We saw both annual and sick leave usage drop with this schedule. Another morale booster was a flexible policy on shift swaps. Hope this helps some.

    Ed Stoner
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    WRW Guest


    Hi Asst 57,
    I am a Fire/Police Dispatcher In Lancaster Pennsylvania,We Just switched to 12 hour shifts on Jan 1 of this year, It takes some getting use to but they are ok,The Biggest plus is the extra time off. Our Old rotation was 8 on 4 off 7 on 2 off, The only good thing about that was that we did not rotate shifts we have permant shifts assigned. Our 12 hours shifts work where we get every other weekend off. For example I will have off Friday,Saturday and Sunday..I work Monday and Tuesday,Off Wed and Thursday,Work Friday,Saturday and Sunday,Off Monday and Tuesday,work Wed and Thursday and Off the weekend. I hope that helps and If you have any other questions,Please Feel free to email me at
    Stay Safe and Take Care

    Woody Woodward
    Lanc Co 911 Dispatcher

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    xeurt Guest


    We work 12's with a pretty good rotation
    sounds a little confusing but works well
    has good off time.
    We have 4 shifts
    We work both days and nights
    starting friday 6a-6p work fri,sat,sun,mon
    off tues,wed,thur
    starting fri 6p-6a work fri,sat,sun
    off monday
    then Tues,wed,thurs 6p - 6a
    off Fri,Sat,sun,mon
    then start Tues 6a - 6p tues,wed, thurs
    off Fri sat,sun.
    work Mon 6p - 6a
    then back to beginning.
    sounds confusing but works .
    Good weekends off. The single Monday night
    allows for a long week with a day off.
    Sometimes the 3 nights 1 off then 3 nights
    gets long but the time off is a nice break.
    We've had it for 5+ years and all here seem to like it. Confused ??? email me and I'll try to explain...

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    Asst57 Guest


    Thanks everyone for all the input. We met last wednesday with one of the commishioners on our proposed schedule & he was supposed to get with the others & get back to us friday. Well, its next tuesday & guess what? haven't heard a thing !!! I love politics..... One other question, how does everyone cover call-offs? We were starting shifts every 4 hours, so if there was a call off that couldn't be filled by someone on an off day taking the full shift, we could make 3 people work 16 hours to get it covered...

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    mark440 Guest


    How many do you all have working for you? I would love to go to 12's. Here we work 8's. 5 shifts then off for 2. I hate it. Rotate every 2 months. I would even go for 4 10's. We have a dispatch center that can have 4 dispatchers. We normally run with 3. Have 2 people from 6a-2p. 1 person comes in at 9a-5p. 2 more come in from 2p-10p. And a person comes in for the 5p-10p. And then 2 come in for 10p-6a. On Fridays and Saturdays there is someone extra from 10p-2a. Is it more cost effective to run 10's or 12's?

    Stay safe,


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    Asst57 Guest


    We have 12 consoles to fill per shift. 3 calltakers,fire & fire ops, ems & ems ops, & 5 police districts. We currently are 1 shy of the 50 TCO's required to fill the 8 hour rotation. With the 12 hour schedule we would only need 48 TCO's. Overall, it would cost us slightly more for this schedule cause of the 48 hours in week 1, 8 has to be OT according to labor relations... but with less fulltime employees, you don't pay out as much in benefits, sicktime & vacations. I know it would be an overall savings in our department, because we had over 700 calloffs last year from 49 employees, mostly because everyone is getting burnt out working 7 days in a row & only getting 1 weekend off a month. Currently, we don't have any odd shifts,everyone changes at the same time, so we didn't attempt to work out a 10 hour schedule.. 12's work out really well, no odd shifts & only 2 employees needed per day to fill a position.

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    RFD220 Guest


    Although I am trying to get into our Dispatch center I know that they work 10 hour days and 14 hour nights on a rotation.

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    EMTwants2b911 Guest


    i'm also working on getting into our comm center right now but here is what i do know. they work 8 hour shifts; 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm, 11pm-7am. they work rolling shifts and the way they do it is 7 days on 7-3, 2 off, 7 days on 3-11, 2 off, 7 days on 11-7, 9 off. doing the math it comes to a little over 40 hours a week but all the dispatchers that i know seem to like it.

    thats my 2 cents worth, hope it helps

    when the tones speak I go

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    firemedic01 Guest


    We work 12 hr shifts and it is the 2-2-3. It is good because I have a second job and still have time to play fireman

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    Lieut14 Guest


    I previously worked a shift of 12's where during your 48 hour week everyone had a short shift. Supervisors reported from 1000-1800 on days, due to our Chief Dispatcher being in the office. Dispatchers left at 0200 on night shifts. Statistically this was the slowest period of operation for us. After an initial trial and review period it proved to be more beneficial to the employees as well as significantly decreasing sick time. We now work the full 12's with the 8 hours OT. We still use the minimal staffing of 2 ( a dispatcher and supervisor ) from 2400 until 1000. This helps with call offs. Night shift coverage wouold be from 1800-2400, and when someone covers days they work 1000-1800. I hope this may help, it works well for us.

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    dalmation75 Guest


    I am a Engineer/EMT/Dispatcher in Rocky Ford, Co and we work 12 hour shifts in our dispatch center. Our shifts run from 7am-7pm or 7pm-7am.
    We usually work four days on three off three days on four days off. When we are working the four day and three day shifts we are on call during that time and if any calls come in the off duty dispatcher comes into dispatcher to cover. On our last day of shift we are on call until 2pm if we got off at 7am if we got off at 7pm then we are on call until 2am.

    I can send you a copy of our schedule and explain it better if you would like.

    Tom Mooney
    Rocky Ford Fire Dept
    Rocky Ford, Co

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