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    Well my dispatch brothers and sisters today "the impossible happened"! For the second time in a little over 2 weeks we have had a mass casualty incident at a high school here in San Diego County, CA. 2 weeks ago we had the shooting at Santana HS in Santee. 2 students killed and 13 others injured. Today (I am working a late swing/graveyard shift-I think it was today? ) there was another shooting at Granite Hills HS in El Cajon (about 10 mi away). Luckily no deaths but 10 people injured.

    How many of us said to ourselves, "That would never happen here?" How about, "No way it could happen again!"

    My questions:

    1. How often do you have mass cass drills in your system?

    2. If you had a report of a shooting at a school, what would your initial response consist of?

    3. And lastly. Are you included in the post incident debrief, stress counseling?

    Lastly, to our brothers and sisters at the Heartland Fire Communications JPA. Thank you for a job well done. Having to deal with this once is too much to ask of us. But twice....

    David W.

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    Well put, Dave. The very first ever "emergency" call that I ever handled was a third party call and I sent out a response for an 81 YOA male with heart problems. It turned out to be a suicide by gunshot with the wife holding the gun unintentionally pointing it at the arriving EMT's. My concern was that, unknowingly though it may have been, I sent two police officers and four FF/EMT's into an unsecured crime scene without them knowing it.

    Our department social worker was right there for me to talk with. He was great and I felt better after knowing that the support was in place if I needed it.

    God bless you people in California from all of your brothers and sisters in Illinois.

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    The first high priority call I had to deal with was when a local High School girl was hit by a car. Long story short, the girl ended up dying from massive head trauma. It didn't affect me much, but it bothered a lot of the newer police officers. They weren't even going to call a CISD team for those involved until I mentioned it, and I'm not even sure if they followed through with the call. The sergeant I mentioned it to was amazed that there was such a thing.
    To my knowledge, there hasn't been any sort of training geared towards the incidents occuring at schools lately. There really should be though. Better to have ground rules laid out than to have to make them up as you go along.

    Take care, stay safe, & stay low!

    Lt. Spinney

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