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    Ranger Doug
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    Post Dispatch Flip Cards

    Does anyone know where we can purchase those dispatch flip cards that guide dispatchers through a series of questions for callers on fire, rescue and law enforcement incidents?

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    Try to get in touch with someone from Powerphone. That's where the cards that the center I used to work at came from. Sorry I don't anycontact information. I know they have a website,I think its www.powerphone.com but I'm not sure of it. APCO I know has EMD cards available, not sure of the others, you may want to get in touch with them too. Hope this will help you at least a little.

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    I just checked my link to powerphone in the above post, and it works, just click on it and it will take you to their website! Good Luck!

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    Priority Dispatch provides international dispatch protocals (cards) they can supply you with training, and cards for EMS, Fire and Police Incidents. They use the Clausen system for EMS Medical Priority Dispatch. The web address is medicalpriority.com

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    Colin S
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    Another good place to start might be to see what your local 911 center, assuming you have one, uses. That way at least everyone is on the same page (literally), and trying to get the same information. Good Luck.

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    Try looking into the "National Academy of Dispatchers" or something to that effect. They are pretty good set up.

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