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    Question Station Alerting Syatems

    I am looking for information on station alerting systems. Our county's fire and EMS are dispatched through one police department's dispatch center. The procedure now is that if there is a call for fire and/or EMS, they will say "So-and-So fire and So-and-So ambulance, stand-by for tones medical @ an address." Then we hear a tone and they repeat the same thing. Basically, its "hey you guys, go over there for a call" and we end up deciding who goes. The problem with this is you end up waking for calls not in your area. Also, each fire and ambulance department have there own channels wasting valuable radio channels. We are currently on the 800 MHZ. My question is whats out there? I know Plectron is out of business and I am aware of Zetron.


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    We keep it simple. We use Motorola QC-II tones through our console to alert a control station (converted mobile) with a tone board in it. We only alert the stations we are dispatching. Each control station is capable of decoding two different tones so we put a different tone in position 1 of the radio for every station. The second position is the same in all radios so we can activate an ALL CALL to alert all stations simultaneously.

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    The QC-II solution won't work, unless you install it on your control station. You'll have to take into account queueing during busy times and have it send only when you get a channel grant. Your control station can probably be programmed to decode the Call Alert feature in most APCO 16 compliant trunked systems.

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    Our QC-II solution is on an analog Motorola SmartNet trunked radio system. The control stations are Astro Mobiles with the tone boards installed. Since our system is loaded to approx 28%, busy signals on main talk-groups is very rare.

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    What ever happened to the Good'Ol Minitor Pager and the Tone that Tripped the House Siren ? BRING BACK THE ORIGINALS !!!

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