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    I work in a CMED center, EMS only. We turn about 100K calls a year. We have 5 full timers working 5 8hr shifts. We currently staff 2 day,2 eves, and 1 overnight. The powers that be decided that starting the first of the year we would start on a rotating bid system every three months. So in January the senior dispatcher got first pick, and the least senior last. Then the next bid, the senior dispatcher got last pick, and the second senior got first. well now it's time again and I thought I would search for outside input. Any thoughts or feeling on this, we are non-profit/non-union so there are no contractual obligations here. Also we would like to see M-F for all fulltimers with part-time and per-diem on weekends, again the powers that be say that part-timers are less reliable and more prone to book offs so they want at least one full timer per shift, they do this on the overnights by having a full timer work 4 days and 1 overnight to cover for the regular overnighter who does 5 overnights. Any ideas thoughts? Has anyone experienced any major probmlems with part-timers? Finally is it uncommon to have a non-rotating schedule where all of the full timer work M-F?


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    My agency dispatches Police and Fire with nine full time employees, no part timers. We staff 2 per shift 24hrs a day. We all work 8hr shifts with permanent days off, so naturally the senior person on each shift has the prime days off (Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sun-Mon), and the others get what is left over. Last year, the junior people began to complain about their days off, which was explained to them ad nauseum when they started here that they would not have weekends off until they moved up the ladder, but if they needed a specific day off, they could use floating holidays, shift trades, or vacation days. We tried the exact same thing your agency wants to try, except we rotated monthly and not by quarter. The results were a disaster. Sick days, shift trades, and overtime went thru the roof. It turned into a gigantic mess! And it was the junior people who were complaining about their days off that were calling in sick and doing the shift trading! Needless to say, we quickly went back to the old schedule.

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    At the department I currently work we have for full timers one per shift. One person works all day shifts, one works 4 evenings with one day shift, I work all midnights, and the last person works 3 evenings and 2 midnihgts. That leaves one day shifit and any book outs for part timers. Everyone is set no rotation, so the open shifit is always Saturday day.

    Where I use to work there were also 4 full timers one per shifit. The day and evening person worked 4 on 2 off. The swing person worked 2 days, 2 evening, 2 off. So there were no open day or evening shifits except for book outs. However, the midnight person worked m-f so sat and sun were always open. This system seemed to work well and at least as far as day and evening are concerned no one ever really got better treatment.

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