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Thread: Please help me.

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    Exclamation Please help me.

    I started in the fire service as a junior firefighter. Back then we had no 911 system to speak of. Our system consisted of an 800 number that went to the company that did the county's ambulance service and the in turn dispatched the proper fire agency and turned off their radio. So as a junior at the time I held the position as dispatcher (because I couldn't ride the trucks). During the two years of dispatching I began to consider it a possibility for a career. Then in 1995 our county adopted an E-911 center for the county. The only agency our system dispatches is fire (I have 6 years in county) all other calls are routed to the different agencies (sheriff, EMS, ect.) The only training they require is that I have an EMT-Basic card (that I just completed) and they will provide the APCO certification if I would get hired. However as with most government run agencies I have a feeling that politics take a big role in the hiring process. So my question is what can I do to put myself closer to the top of the hiring list? What other classes and certifications would help me out?

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    When I applied for my position here, I was a volunteer Firefighter (now five years -- then 3) and had EMT, Firefighter 1, and was very active in the department. I just did very well on the test given and did well in my interview. The only extra edge I had was My dad is the Director of Emergency Services, but he removed himself from teh hiring process to make it fair. I have been here for 2 years and have seen two mistkaes that we hae made in people we hired. Those two are people who do not have experience with the fire service ie they just come to work and go home, and do not belong or know the fire service. I think you should be in a good position where you are considering your enthiusiasm and experience.

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    fayette 1,

    Good luck!!! I'm in about the same situation. Our County is down to about half staff right now so everybody is working doubles every day. So.... Perfect chance to get in I think. It's the same here though, who you know not what you know. So even though I have 6 years as a FF, 3 as an EMT have been a dispatcher/shift supervisor for a nationwide alarm company (mostly medical but some Fire and Burgh in the North East US States) all that will go out the window. It comes down to my Uncle being "good friends" with the County Commisioners on weather I get the job if I decide to apply. That's good because I can basically walk right in and I know I have at least half a clue as opposed to most of the pople in there now who got their job as a result of knowing people. But I also want to know that I did a little to earn the position too... I loved doing the medical dispatching and I desperatly want to get back on midnight shift and I'd love to make it a carreer so I'll see how it goes.... Good luck on your effort though!!!!
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    I have been dispatching at a very advanced and busy 9-1-1 center in morgantown wv (home of WVU) for about 10 years now and I am currently the nigh shift supervisor. I can give you some suggestions but I dont know how close they would be I dont know your community. Politics dont play a part here we have a test that is in two parts then you are placed on a list by your score. After that we provide all the training neccesary before you even get to talk on the radio. You probably should brush up on your typing skills most centers require you type between 20-35 wpm if they are modern and use computor aided dispatch. Keep brushed up on your spelling and interview skills those three things will help you out considerably if you want to get hired, also being a most fire/ems dispatch as you described you 911 center get the most fire and ems training you can get that will help you get hired and get promotions in the field you want to get into and also keep your from burning out. Dispatchers do have a high burnt out rate usually 5 years or so. Hope this helps

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