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    Default Dispatcher's Unions

    Greetings from the north country. Our county 911 center is exploring the possibility of forming and/or joining a union. We are trying to gain information from other 911 centers and dispatchers about their experience with unionizing. If anyone out there has any information we would greatly appreciate it. I can be emailed at
    willy453@yahoo.com or

    My patner can be contacted at

    Thanks in advance

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    Our District Firefighters and Dispatchers joined I.A.F.F. when we unionized about 10 years ago. When we negotiate for our contract we use 4 members of which at lease 1 member must be a dispatcher.

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    In my county (I live in one, work in another), we use CSEA, but when you are involved with a large organization that deals with about 1200 employees, you will find that the department that has the most employees always gets what they want, leaving the smaller groups always passed over. Find one that will represent your group with people that are familiar with the job. I am hearing that CWA, Teamsters, and maybe even the IAFF represents public safety dispatchers. If anyone has others to list, please let me know. I am working on something within my workplace. Thanks guys.

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    There was a city I read about...Up north...I wanna say Minneapolis-St Paul, or somewhere close...Anyway, aside from the firefighters union IAFF local, the dispatchers also have their own IAFF local...I'll try to find the article...
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