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    Default Adverse health effects of station dispatching

    Does anyone have any info. on the adverse health effects of being woke up for emergency calls?
    I know the Phoenix F.D. did some studies.... and found that being alerted by loud sounds and bright lights caused adverse health effects.
    Any info. would be extremely helpful.
    Please send to my e-mail.
    Thank you!!!

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    I used to keep my pager on full volume alert at night while i am sleeping, and it would literally make me fall out of bed and hit the floor when it went off. It would make my adrenalin skyrocket and my haeart would pound like hell from the scare of it waking me up. I now leave it a little lower, so it wakes me up just fine but doesn't send me into an arrest before I get out of bed.


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    Not me. If it's not loud, I won't wake up. I prefer to be at a station where the lights kick on, too, that gets me going better. Bad health effects or not, I don't want to sleep through anything.
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    On occasion I'll forget and leave the Pager turned up a little on the loud side. I usually set the pager to about mid-volume before I drop it in the charger at night. It sits about 6 Inches from my head on the Night Stand and I;ll have to be honest...In 12 Years I never slept through a page. I once worked for a department as a per-diem fill in firefighter. Each of the Townships 6 Station Bunk-Rooms were set up diffrent {Some had Lights on when the tones went off and some didn't..Some had Buzzers along with the Tones and again some didn't} There were times at one station when we got a night run the Buzzer and Lights coming on were enough to scare the crap out of you. As far as health effects ? I haven't noticed any except for the bruise I get now and than from the wife after she elbows me in the middle of the night when the beeper goes off
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    Just remember trk4 -

    The adverse health impact on those who called for help is likely greater if the 'harsh' method used to turn out your unit is softened to the point that nobody awakens!!

    An old driver/technician told me early in my career that you reduce response time by getting out of the firehouse faster, not by driving faster. After thirty plus years of validation, I think it was one of the best lessons I have ever been given in the fire service.

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