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    Default Looking for info/feedback re: Mobile Data Transfer for Fire Apparatus

    Our dept. is looking for info/feedback re: M.D.T.'s for our fire apparatus. Our goal is to streamline accessing the preplan information and be able to tranfer response info, etc. efficiently to our apparatus. Our dept. has just switched to digital communications to enable M.D.T.'s

    Thank you for your feedback.

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    I think they are great. You get run numbers and times right up on the screen and you know exactly where you are going and what for. When a call comes into 911 it automatically comes up with the address on the screen...so when it is sent to you, you dont have to worry about wrong addresses or other dispatch errors, Because as great as dispathers may be ...They are not perfect. It really helps.

    If you have a large department, you can also see where other rigs are and what they're status is. Depending upon what type you get, some of them also come with maps. You can stick an address in and it will show you where it is. I think they are really worth it.


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    They are great for fire apparatus. They cut back on radio traffic because all of the info is there on the screen. Also you can communicate via the MDC like emails in a generic sense. Also apparatus can talk between themselves. Also fr the reasons EC gave with the maps and getting your times right there. Also preventing you from having to call up to dispatch to get them.

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    MDT's are great
    Now granted there are times when they do not work
    But other thank that our dispatch center uses MDT's all call info is sent to the MDT
    Units use the MDT's to update there status in quarters, Out in district etc


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