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    Post MTS or XTS Radios

    Our county is getting ready to go-online with a new smart net system 800mhz which is digital and analog. The cops get the XTS3000 and Fire gets the MTS3000. I was told the the XTS was designed more for firefighters due to the larger knobs. I also heard XTS is water tight and the MTS is not...Any info on these two radios would be great.

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    The web site <a href="http://www.motorola.com/cgiss/twowayradio.shtml" target="_blank">http://www.motorola.com/cgiss/twowayradio.shtml</a>

    can give you specifics on the individual radios. My guess is that buttons had less to do with the decision than radio type did.

    The MTS is analog (i.e. can be monitored using a scanner) the XTS is mixed analog/digital. The police are probably using a digital mode making it much more difficult for the "bad guys" to monitor (or they're going right to digital encryption - impossible to monitor).

    Both radios are good and can be had in "ruggedized" models for moisture or hazardous locations.

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