We are starting a program this saturday night that I hope last forever. We are teaming up with the local pizza delivery establishments and accompaning the delivery driver to the residents home. Upon arrival if the residence has a working smoke detector they recieve their pizza free of charge. If they do not have a working detector they must pay for their dinner and we install their detectors then and there. We are installing detectors in every bedroom and one in the living area. Even in the homes with a working detector we are installing one in every bedroom. We do not normally die in a fire on the couch watching T V as The NFPA believes - WE DIE WHEN WE ARE SLEEPING. Our plan is to do three deliverys every Saturday night. So it cost us 40 dollars a home - three homes a night- 120 dollars a week - that is pretty cheap insurance that someone living in a home we visited has a MUCH greater chance of escaping a fire in that home. The pizza's we have to pay for are going to be donated by the respective pizza company that night. This should be a great P R event for us and the pizza companys. The added benefit above the life safety issue is the Engine Company that night will probably be eating for free that night also. Think about it.