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    Default Junior Fire Academy - information request

    I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has any information on Junior Fire Academies, similar to the law enforcement programs. Something that would be an after-school program, some Saturdays... to give high school age kids a view of the fire service. Possibly even something that could target those students at risk of dropping out... maybe to keep them interested in school long enough to graduate. Any offers?


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    We don't have a program quite like what you are talking about, but we do have two similar programs tha tmight help you out:
    1) Jr. FD - These young people age 12-16 practice with the fire crews and recieve some training in first aid and suppression, no official training, but dept level training.
    2) EST - In association with the local school district, juniors and seniors in high school go to the fire academy for half of their school day and become firefighter 1's, EMT's, and HazMat certified.
    They must be 16, and show an interest in the service. Guidance counselors steer many people toward this track when it seems they are without aim, but volunteers can also get in the class, if their grades are OK.
    It's a good program, and lets the young one's learn a little about a work ethic, and respect.

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    This is a little different from your needs, but still kinda interesting:
    Unfortunately, doesn't have a lot of detail...maybe someone else at the CFPC site can give you more.
    It's a summer camp put on last year by the Conn. Fire Academy (generally, there's no fire training at the state level in July/August so the academy's pretty much free) as an introduction to the fire service.

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