The Arlington County (Virginia) Fire Department recently introduced a new self- instructional CPR program to the community called “Rescue Me”. This program is based on one developed by the Prince William County FD (Virginia). So far results have been great. We have 20 kits available, 5 in Spanish, and the libraries have a waiting list. The Fire Department and union Local 2800 shared the program costs. For further information contact Arlington County Fire Dept. public education specialist Kara VanGraafeiland at 703-228-4659.

Below are excerpts from our brochure.

WHAT? Rescue Me is an important new community-wide lifesaving program. This free program provides an opportunity to learn CPR in your own home at no cost.
WHY? Because only 30 percent of the population is trained in CPR, a new method to enable more people to learn this critical lifesaving skill has been introduced.
WHO? Rescue Me is for anyone, especially if you have a high-risk individual at home; e.g., someone with a history of cardiac or respiratory problems. Families with young children or elderly at home could gain some peace of mind, as well.
HOW? Anyone with a library card can check out a Rescue Me kit from the library. All you need is access to a videocassette recorder to view the step-by-step videotape. A new product, CPR Prompt, produced by County Line Limited and other companies, makes this possible. A community-wide effort makes it possible for anyone to learn CPR at no cost to the participant. Anyone with a library card and access to a VCR can learn CPR. The percent of the population with CPR skills could dramatically increase.