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    Our department is discussing starting a citizens fire academy. It would be similar to a citizens police academy. Our goal is to get the citizens more involved in our department. We were wondering if any department has a citizens fire academy and if so could we get some information on it?

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    Contact North Montgomery County VFD at
    NMCVFD@MCIA.com They have had one or two but I don't know how it went. Also if you email me I will give you the number of another department in our county that has had one.

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    I am firefighter in South Bend Indiana and we are going to try a citizens academy in October. I patterned ours after the city next door to us (Mishawaka, IN). They have been doing theirs for several years and have been very successful. For more info e-mail me at Rescujake@AOL.COM

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    My name is John Lucas, and I am a Lieutenant with the New Lenox Fire Protection District, Illinois. The City of Joliet neighbors our district, and they have hosted several Citizens Fire Academies. Contact me via email at firefighting.guide@about.com and I will be more than happy to place you in direct contact with their Public Education Officer.


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