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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest

    Lightbulb smoke alarms

    about five years ago my volunteer dept. did a door to door sales(at cost) and installment program for smoke detectors. the response was amazing in the number of detectors installed and the interaction with the public who didn't know who alot of us were. this program was a great success and another thing that was done at the same time was tests(if allowed) of detectors already ion the homes.

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    JAPFPE Guest


    Did you guys assess the liability exposure ?

    Specifically, if there was a fire in one of the properties where the FD provided the detector then the detector subsequently malfunctioned.

    Joe Pechacek
    Hamilton Fire Dpeartment
    Hamilton, NY

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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest


    No. We did not do anything toward exposure liability. The smoke detectors were battery operated with warranty. We did go back 2-3 mos. later to check the installed detectors and replaced the few malfunctioning ones. The issue of liability never was discussed and when a complaint was raised about a detector, we replaced it with a new one at department cost.

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    Halligan84 Guest


    I'd think the potential liability would be far outweighed by the benefits of the program. Properly trained firefighters installing the equipment and providing literature on its care and upkeep should take care of that. We provide detectors and batteries when we find people that don't have them or when their auto alarm system is taken out of service. We just ask them to sign a form that lets them know they are responsible.

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    rescuebill Guest


    We had a great smoke det. program. We gave to over 300 homes. 1 on every level. We have even had two fires in houses that we put them in and they worked. They were the tamper proof kind. We had them sign a waiver releasing us of all libality.
    I highly recommend it. Great PR.

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    FIRE549 Guest


    Smoke detector programs can be a great idea if implemented properly. The liability is an important concern. A waiver is an excellent idea. Besides the potential of a detector malfunction the place where the detector is installed as well as unintentional damage to the structure by the firefighters who mount the detector can be a problem. Being proactive is the best course of action.

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