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    Question How can we get more involved with our community

    I'm preparing a Masters thesis on the listed subject and I need imput on how you think we can improve community relations, ie interaction with our business, visitors, patients, etc. All this being done to improve pr.
    Thanks in advance,

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    In our dept we have started a community award for both buisness and populas. The award say for buisness is given to those buisnesses that donate to us on a regular basis. The populas award is for those community members who help us through out the year. We invite them and there spouse to our installation banquet and present them with the award. We also get the local paper to take there pictures for the community to see. I hope this helps. We have also adopted a letter which is mailed say after a fire to the homeowner explaining to them why we cut a hole in there roof ect. and offer some contact numbers for say the Red Cross and such. I hope this helps.

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    Some of you have some good ideas. We think of our station as a community center. We have cub scouts, boy scouts, pom poms and other clubs meet at the firehouse. This gives us a chance to talk with the parents after the meetings. I also encourage for the officers to spend some time with fire victims to make sure everything is going okay. We hand out a flyer of what the insurance may be requiring of them when they call the incident into the insurance company. Or we talk to them ourselves. You might want to start a speakers bureau for going out to talk to different clubs. Many have activities directors that are looking for someone to talk to their group. Good luck and be safe.

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    We have a program called fire pals. Its like dare but worth a &*%$. We got the idea from Phoniex (did I spell that right?). We are also always doing bike rodeos, neighbor watch meetings, eating with the kids in the schools. It has been very successful.

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