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    Default Smoke Detector Give A Way Program

    We are looking at a county wide smoke detector give a way program. Our goal is to have a working smoke detector in every home in this county. Is there a department that has tried this, what was the pros and cons to the program. Can e-mail me info also, Thanks.

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    In the Philly Pa area a TV station signed on with a major electronics provider and they opened it up to all the local fire depts. (paid and vollie). They provide the detectors and we do the installing. We've done this for quite a few years now. We advertise in the "local - local" paper, bulletin boards and the local cable tv channels in addition to this BIG TV station.
    Another thing that we've done is gone door - to - door with them. That usually works best in the area surrounding the latest structure fire in our district... usually within a week or two of that call.

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