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    Welcome to this message forum about computers and the Internet. I am specifically looking for new applications of how departments are utilizing computers, software, and the Internet for training department members. Also list new ways that computers or the Internet is enhancing your department operations. Please take part and enjoy an ongoing discussion.


    Charles Werner
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    Steve Hirsch Guest


    We use our computer for incident reporting, training, payroll, pre-plans, etc. We have FIREHOUSE software, CAMEO, MARPLOT, ALOHA, OREIS, among others. Additionally we have several training programs, such as Initial Report, Signal 102 (FF1 and 2 questions), Essentials CD, pump simulator, and probably a few others. The guys are getting used to the computer way of doing things. In fact we just bought a color printer today, getting rid of the black & white laser. I only see this area of computer training being more and more accepted and used. We had better get used to the computer age because it is here to stay. I think the internet is exciting and the possibilities nearly limitless. Could we attend a seminar by Bruno from our own station? You betcha! I don't think we've seen but a fraction of the computer driven training that we are going to see soon.

    Then when you get into the internet and computers and the possibilities for delivery of fire prevention and fire safety materials, I think that is even more exciting.

    Lest you think we are huge - we are in a town of less than 2000 people. Anyone can do what we have done.

    Steve Hirsch
    Asst Chief, Oberlin (KS) Fire Dept.

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    Allen Siorek Guest


    The University of Florida is creating a new degree under the School of Building Construction that would (in effect) be a Bachelors in Fire and Rescue Administration. The entire degree is being offered exclusively thru the internet, with periodic proctored exams. You don't have to live anywhere near the University to take advantage of the degree. Presently the degree is on the Board of Regents Master Plan and classes are being offered each semester (this past fall was the first time classes were offered) with a complete degree schedule being offered within a year. The degree is geared more towards the administrator as opposed to the rank and file firefighters (finances, management, policy...). This is the first such degree offered here in Florida for firefighters (internet only); are there any others out there?

    Due to several requests, here is the webpage for this program...

    Florida State Fire College UF Registration webpage:

    remove /Registration to get to FSFC main page

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    Mungo Guest


    My department currently uses Fire Programs as our main administrative tool. The progrma was tailored to our needs my the program manufacturer. We are able to keep records such as training, hydrants, personnel, run reports (both fire and ems). The program is easy to use and we can selcet what we wnat to print i.e. how many calls on one street in a period of time. we have found this progrma to be useful and Firefighter friendly of you know what I mean.

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    Ronnie Holton Guest


    I am the Department Head of the Fire Protection Technology Associate Degree program at Coastal Carolina Community College. For years I have been struggling in the attempt to schedule classes that are congruent with the firefighter's working schedule. It has been like trying to put a round peg into a square hole. This semester I was able to introduce our first internet class. One local department installed internet capability in each of their stations as a result of this offering. The class maxed out for the first time. I am interested in hearing from others in the fire service who are either teaching via the internet or learning through the internet. I have a lot to learn and am very interested in what others have learned. Thanks


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    cwerner Guest


    Just returned from Phoenix for the Change in Fire Service Symposium focusing on Technology.


    Thanks for responding to our message forums on I am working on many such endeavors and am now tentatively working on doing the following over the Internet:

    1. Develop an online training calendar for all stations to use.

    2. On the calendar it will reference the training topics to be covered for each shift.

    3. It will also provide the outlines and other files such as powerpoint presentations that have been developed. This could work for individual study as well.

    4. Working with On-Guard's Internet University. We are beta testing an online program which is a mix of CD based training but also links to the Internet and records actual time spent studying as well as providing testing and documentation. The initial training is focused on HM Awareness and HM operations. But it gives a way of teaching HM certification classes when its convenient to the firefighter, especially volunteers.

    5. The National Fire Academy is working on distance learning and has the first class which I believe is Emergency Service Leadership which is all internet based.

    I just returned from Phoenix at the Changing Fire Service Symposium, see cover story on main page at

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.


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