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    adarty Guest

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    The latest version of NFIRS is due to be released and implemented very soon. Has anyone here been involved in the Beta testing or the pilot program? Got any tips or suggestions?

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    Capez Guest


    I havn't gotten a chance to play with 5.0 but I do use the 4.5 version. From what I understand it's about the same, point and click logging. Although I believe they Jazzed up the graphics a bit for 5.0 and fixed some rendering problems.

    Alex C.

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    Phred Guest


    Does anyone have access to a good Fill-in-the-Blocks program for the NFIRS forms? Good means cheap and able to do error checking, summary reports, and searches. Cheap means free or share-ware; the commercial programs are nice but too costly for small departments that don't run 100-200 fire runs a year.
    Has NFIRS ever considered developing a form fill-in program and distributing it to all departments? I tried to talk the Ohio Fire Marshall into the idea of the state developing a fill-in program several years ago. They said good idea but no money to do it.

    Phred from Ohio

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    rbfarley Guest


    NFIRS 5.0 is now on its way to the streets! As this is being written the first state to be brought on-line is going through the process. (Michigan) Several other states are queing up to start the transfer process form the current version (version 4.1) over to 5.0. Version 5.0 is a far better data collection system than it predecessor. It more truly reflects the current fire service needs. As a member of the Systems Committee and the Region 1 rep for the Board of Directors for the National Fire Information Council (NFIC), I am glad to report that 5.0 is finally coming out! It has been a long ardous process in development. For more information you should contact your State Fire Marshal or State Fire Incident Reporting Authority. You may get more information about NFIRS 5.0 by pointing your browser to the NFIC website at Please let me know if I can answer any more of your questions.
    Rob Farley
    Region 1 Director
    NH State Fire Marshal's Office

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