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    Who is using computer pump simulators? What are your experiences. Are they better for individual instruction or group settings? Who made your softaware, and the cost?

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    I have been using Fireground Pump Trainer by Simulation Research Corporation for approx. 6 months now. I have used the software on a multi-media projector with groups of 8-12 people at a time. I have not used the program with individual user to this point, but plan to in the future. So far, for less than $100.00 I think we payed for the program, it has been fairly effective. You can program the simulations to suit your own situations which you face in your jurisdiction. I would give the program a thumbs up, however it is not a replacement for hands on training by any stretch of the imagination. I would highly reccomend this program to introduce new operators to pump operations.

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    Haven't had the chance to use one yet, but IFSTA offers a Fireground Pump Trainer on CD and Diskette. Some of the Programs cover: Panel design, Multiple intakes, Water hammer simulation, and Compressed air foam systems. price of program $130-$145.


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