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    I have recently begun a webpage for my dept. and, as somewhat of a novice, was wondering how to go about obtaining a "shortened" web address such as or Also, what is the approximate cost of obtaining/maintaining this type of address?


    Tim Costello
    Cedar Knolls Fire Dept
    Hanover Twp. Fire District #3

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    You'll need to register the domain name that you want, assuming that it's available. You also will probably need to pay for server space; the ISP where you get the space can advise on getting the domain name. It costs $100 to register a name for the first two years, then $50 each year.

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    The company I work for deals with creating and maintaining websites for businesses in my area. We have dealt with a company called AIT (Advanced Internet Technologies, or something). What they can do for you is give you 50mb space to store your site & register your domain name with Internic for roughly $20/month, PLUS the initial set up fees. I'm not sure the exact amounts, but it's probably about $40-$50 for their setup and $70 to Internic (for the domain reg.)(I'm 99% sure it's been changed from $100 to $70 for the first two years).

    Another thing, if you host the domain with AIT, you don't have a pre-set limit on your e-mail addresses (you can have as many different ones as you want, i.e. for each Firefighter, etc.)

    If you want to check AIT out, go to

    NOTE:Please don't take this to be an advertisement. I'm in no way affiliated with AIT...Have just dealt with them in the past, with little or no problems.

    John Higgins
    Perry Twp. VFD
    Lawrence Co., OH

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