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    Question Fire Department Software

    We are currently using FireHouse Software, and are not happy with it or their support (lack of support). What software does your department use?? Does it interface with pre-planning, GIS, inspections??
    Thanks for your help.

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    P Bishop
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    I am real suprised to hear that Firehouse Software is causing you problems. We have had very few problems with it and they have always been very helpful when there is a problem. Our problems have been solved very quickly, usually through e-mail, if not be a phone call. What kind of problems are you having? Have you talked to them about the service you are getting? Or lack of service?

    P. Bishop

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    Red face

    We have been using a software package by Emergency Software Inc., and are very please with the software and support. They are NFIRS 5.0 certified and have a wide program selection from Fire Inspewction, Pre-planning, Personnel & Training, Equipemnt manager etc.

    You can visit there web site at www.emergencysoftware.com


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    We have been using Firehouse since January 1, 2000. We have had some problems with the software but that is to be expected considering a total rewrite was done to comply with NFIRS 5.0. When ever we have had problems they have been great to deal with on support, they listened to our problems, and fixed the bugs in minimal time. The software still has some hidden bugs that crop up occasionally but I would recommend it to any other department.

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