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    Post presentation programs

    just wanting to know what other presentation programs are out the besides power point and any good or bad points associated with them.

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    I like to use Astound. It has more features and allows greater latitude with what you can do with your presentations.

    I have also used Gizmos Deluxe for Windows. It has a very neat presentation program that has limited aplications but neater transitions built into it.

    You can also create slides in PowerPoint, export them as jpg's and use them in Gizmo's


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    Louis Molino Sr
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    I have used both PowerPoint and Lotus Freel Lance Graphics but i don't have the most recent cersion of the Lotus program so I won't compare the two programs both are self taught so it's easy to learn.

    I would add this point to PowerPoint go to the support pages at Microsoft pages and DL all the little add on programs that they offer and patches depending on which version you use. I'm not sure of the site but you will be able to find it by going to WWW.microsoft.com

    Louis N. Molino, Sr., CET

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