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    Post NFIRS or other software users

    Looking for depts that are using NFIRS or other firefighting reporting system. What works? What doesn't? What kind of prices are we talking? I currently am doing our depts. reporting. I do it on an Excel spreadsheet that I've written for the purpose (actually, it's more of a work in progress... the more I add, the more I think I NEED to add... you know how that goes). I need ideas to pitch to our directors and fire marshall. Thanks for the help!

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    Pennsylvania is moving towards using Firehouse Software for it's statewide incident reporting system. I moved a year ago from the Johnstown area, where we had been testing it for about a year. Cambria County was a test site. Seeing you appear not to have heard of it yet lets me know it's not officially in use. Am I correct? I hope not.

    It's a comprehensive package that (if nothing else) gives you great stats. My personal opinion is that police departments have gotten more money because they've collected and used stats for a long time. They can let you know what crime rose or fell how much at the drop of a hat. Most fire departments I've spoken with don't have the number readily available. Using something like Firehouse Software will change that.

    In my previous department near Johnstown, for example, 45% of our calls were false alarms of some sort (several breakdowns in that catagory). As we discussed pushing for fines for repeated false alarms, this info came in handy.

    Firehouse Software is one of many on the market that allow you to gather your NFIRS info. If you can't find it (the state office in charge) anywhere else, call Cambria County Emergency Services, 911 dispatch, Ebensburg, and ask for Ralph Saylor. I don't have a phone number handy, sorry.

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    I'll second that motion on the Firehouse reporting program. We too got the statewide version from the state of Illinois for free. The fire marshal's office paid for 1 copy and training for each department in Illinois. I feel this is a great accomplishment toward our fire department, as we did use the old NFIRS program.

    This opinion is of myself and does not reflect any of the department or the city I am employed by.

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    We've been using Sunpro 3.7 since April 1999, I believe a later version is available. Generates annual reports for state (Calif. (CFIRS)) well. Some difficulties still exist in compatability with Computer Aided Dispatch system (doesn't carry over roster so must add personnel). Sunpro based in Washington State. San Bernadino City Fire (CA) has used for several years. Am unfamiliar with other programs,don't know if I would recommend this one over others.

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