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    Question Internet Policys

    Our company is in the process of developing an Internet policy. We are a small combination dept with several computers available for department use. AOL is loaded on at least one machine and is used by both our paid staff and several of the volunteers to accesss their personal accounts. There is no FD account for the net only people using the companies machine to access the internet through their own accounts. We would like to develop a policy on this as well as one to control what maybe posted on the internet so members posts, e-mails or webpages are not taken as the official position of the department.

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    Here is the policy I developed for my company:

    All users are strictly prohibited from using electronic communication to participate in the following:

     Activities that are illegal under or intended to circumvent federal, state, local or foreign laws.
     Activities and content that are unethical, or could result in the establishment of a hostile work environment, including inappropriate language and jokes, chain letters, pornography, threats, and harassment.
     Activities that could damage CSCVFCs reputation.

     Online use should be limited to a reasonable time period of thirty minutes.

     Users who need access to the computer for Company related business or school shall have priority over social use.

    Failure to comply with this policy can result in disciplinary action which may include termination of membership (volunteer) and/or civil and criminal action.

    Be advised that all electronic communication can and may be monitored to protect against unauthorized or inappropriate use.

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