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    Post Simulation Programs

    I'm currently searching for computer fire simulation program for use with laptop and LCD projector ( I just bought the projector for dept.). I have demos from Digital Combustion (Fire Studio) & ESIS ( Fire Scene Simulator). Main use will be Incident Command type training for structure incidents and haz-mats. Anyone familiar with these or other programs ?

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    I have used the ESIS for 2 years. Overall I love it. Ours was glitchy and had little real documentation, but it was pretty easy to figure out.

    I keep it simple. Take pictures, import to program, show it on the screen. I set up all the pictures I need, then minimize them in the program. I have a hard time saving them. Instructor preperation is a MUST.

    I use it for size up, prefire plans, and after incident analysis training, mostly.

    we are trying to upgrade from the problems. They fixed their glitches right after we bought ours.


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