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    Post on-line two year "Fire Science Degree"

    I would like to have any information regarding an "on-line fire science degree."
    I would like to find out if any are out there.


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    It will be here real soon for KY firefighters. They already have some basic classes to go towards new firefighter certifcation. I wanted to try them myself before recommending it to our new firefighters, and enjoyed the experience. This method of training will never be as beneficial as "hands-on", but is a good supplement to it.

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    afd334, Chemeketa Emergency services offers a distant learning program including online classes. They offer three separate degrees in emergency services. I'm not sure of their web site but here is an e-mail of a course counselor. chrisr@chemeketa.edu see if she has any info to help you out. This college is a true campus in Oregon. Wait-- I just found their site http://bbs.Chemeketa.edu I've never been there before but try it out. If this doesn't work give Chris an e-mail she can help.

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    The University of Florida has a program that I am ready to begin. It is perfect for your needs. http://www.bcn.ufl.edu/pde/FES/

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