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    Post Inventory/Personnel Tracking

    Anyone know of a good free program to keep track of personnel, equipment, certifications, etc. Dos, Win 95, 98

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    I've been using Firefighter Pro for a year now and it is a basic inventory, personel, incident reporting system. It is not free. But less than 200 bucks. You can get an evaluation copy at www.firewin.com
    You should be able to modify a database program to meet your needs but it takes TIME to do that. Hope this helps. Ken..Eagle Bay, BC

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    I'm almost positive that my department uses a package called "FireHouse." I belive we use that specific program because it can export data or printouts that can be sent directly to the state.

    If you would like, I will investigate further.

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    We use FireHouse for incident reporting and it is NOT free! If your looking for basic data information I use Windows Access for all inventories and apparatus maintenance. It works out well. Let me know if I can help any further.

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