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Tuesday, November 27, 2001

STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD *2nd Alarm* b/o BC805 @ 1316 Union x Bartmer. Heavy fire in an apartment building. Pumpers to stage @ Union & Page Aves. PUMPERS: 26-10-6, HL2, BC803, DC810, UNIT 900 & FIU-821. [STL899]. 12:04a.m.

POUGHKEEPSIE (DUTCHESS Co.), NY: All Hands working fire at 621 Shief Rd. x Old Post Rd. Fire in a Trailer house – fully involved. Request M/A from town of Wappinger. Also Fire Marshals to scene. [MNS-154]. 12:07a.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: All-Hands Box 524 @ Hicks St. & Congress. 4-story brick 100x50 occupied building. Fire unknown floor. Additional Engine & Truck requested. DWH. [EAN2]. 1:06a.m.

Update – BROOKLYN, NY: *All Hands* Box 524 @ Hicks St. & Congress St. 4-story brick 100x50 occupied building. Fire in the basement. DIV-11 reports 2 lines run. Fire darkening down. Heavy smoke. [EAN318*EAN2]. 1:25a.m.

Update – BROOKLYN, NY: All-Hands – Box 524 @ Congress St. & Hicks St. DIV-11 reports primary search in the fire apartment negative. 2 additional Trucks requested (L-105/L-122). [EAN2]. 1:29a.m.

Working fire – CANDIA, NH: on Route 101 W/B. Jaws in use. C603 [TAC9-C461]. 6:30a.m.

HACKENSACK (BERGEN Co.), NJ: On-going since 0430hrsw EST. Major water main break on Willow Ave. Several homes effected. 1 tree uprooted. Request for Gas & Power Companies to respond forthwith. Also Requesting Building Dept. Rep. [EAN100]. 6:38a.m.

Working fire – SPRINGFIELD, MA: on Union Street. Structure fire. Smoke showing from floor #2. CT182/19 [TAC9-C461]. 6:44a.m.

HARRISON TWP. (GLOUCESTER Co.), NJ: (*0530hrs EST*) Working fire at 22 Main St. Fire was located in a private dwelling with a quick knock down. Under control within 10 minutes. [EAN22/EAN100]. 8:16a.m.

*5-5-5-5* It is with regret to announce the Line Of Duty Death of Firefighter Brian Sweeney of Rescue 1 from injuries sustained at Manhattan, NY: 55-8087 WTC: 9/11/01. Rest in peace. [MNS OFFICE]. 8:48a.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire *Working Fire Dispatch* sounded at 1328 West Lanvale St. at Calhoun. Command reporting fire showing. Air Cascade en-route. [MFN-1]. 9:32a.m.

BLUE SPRINGS, MO: Central Jackson Co. FPD: Working structure fire @ 828 NE Mary x Adams Dairy Rd. Lee’s Summit is on M/A and change of Quarters. [KCFN-02]. 10:10a.m.

BALTIMORE, MD (40-12): *3rd Alarm b/o BC-5* Garden Apartment building at 4905 Challedon Rd. (Dickey Hill Forest – West Baltimore). Have a 3-story Garden Apartment building with heavy fire on the 1st floor. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 10:25a.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: 75-336 at 108 Crosby St. near Prince St. Fire in a dryer on the 3rd floor of a 12-story building. BN-2. [MNS-30]. 11:37a.m.

Hazardous Materials Incident – WORCESTER, MA: N. Mechanic St. Suspicious package found with white powder. Request for the Tier-1 Haz-Mat response. C612 [TAC9-C811]. 11:52a.m.

Incident Command – PHOENIX AZ: 2nd Alarm – 4802 N. 15th Ave. Units on scene of a working Apartment fire. 2nd Alarm within 8 minutes of arrival. [ICP963m]. 2:04p.m.

MFN: HOWARD Co., MD: Dwelling fire 9400 Brookmede Ct. *Task Force* requested for the basement fire. [MFN-1]. 3:11p.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire (Box T5-5) at 1700 Crystal Ave. Air Cascade en-route. [MFN-8]. 3:17p.m.

EGG HARBOR (ATLANTIC Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 109 Linden Ave. Chief on location advising heavy fire showing from the basement. No size-up. [EAN3386]. 3:56p.m.

LEES SUMMIT, MO: Working structure fire @ 615 NE Corder x Darwin Dr. Smoke showing from a 1-story frame. Reported basement fire. P1, P6, T2, R1, Chief 5/7. [KCFN-02]. 4:54p.m.

Update – JACKSON TWP. (OCEAN Co.), NJ: 4 Independence Court x Bennitts Mills Road. *Fire under control* Overhaul in progress. (EAN27) [EAN51]. 5:23p.m.

*Working fire* NORRISTOWN BORO (MONTGOMERY Co.), NJ: 521 E. Main St. Heavy fire in an Auto Body Shop. All Companies ordered to evacuate the building and the roof. Putting Master Streams in service. DWH. [EAN3305]. 5:26p.m.

BELLEVILLE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *FD Demonstration* between 200-300 members of the NJ FMBA Firefighters Union are in front of City Hall to support the Belleville FD. City Fathers are looking to cut the Dept. by 25% by laying off as many as 15 Firefighters and demoting Officers. [EAN633/EAN100]. 6:02p.m.

KANSAS CITY, MO: Working fire @ 3113 Grand x 31st St. Reported fire in an Apartment. 2 lines off so far. P17, P19, T2, T7, R11, R31, CAR 106. [KCFN-02]. 6:15p.m.

QUEENS, NY: Working fire – Box 6087 at 149-41 21st Ave. Basement fire in a private dwelling. L130 FAST. [MNS-30]. 6:53p.m.

NORTH BRUNSWICK (MIDDLESEX Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 939 Cranbury Crossroads. Working dwelling fire. EMS requested for the smoke inhalation victim. [EAN700]. 7:02p.m.

Update – BELLEVILLE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *FD Demonstration* Approx. 400-500 Firefighters on scene in protest of the proposed cuts. News media just arriving as well. EAN633 on scene. [EAN700]. 7:07p.m.

Working fire – MASTIC (SUFFOLK Co.), NY: 55 Washington Ave. x Holly St. M/A Center Moriches for RIT Team. Fire is a private dwelling. [MNS 143/125]. 7:17p.m.

Update – NORTH BRUNSWICK (MIDDLSEX Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 939 Cranbury Crossroads. Fire under control. Small fire extinguished on arrival. 1 patient ALS to hospital. Police Officer in respiratory distress at this time. [EAN700]. 7:28p.m.

*Working fire* SOUND BEACH, NY: 30 Brookhaven Drive x Lower Rocky Point Road. Chief on scene. Re-tone for manpower. M/A Rocky Point for RIT Team to the scene. [MNS143/125]. 7:30p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: Working fire – Box 2065 at 730 Liberty. Fire in a 4-story brick building. L130 FAST. [MNS-30]. 7:38p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: 75-2065 at 730 Liberty Ave. near Linwood St. 4-story brick 30x60 occupied multiple dwelling. Fire on the 2nd floor rear. BN-39. [MNS-30]. 7:43p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: Working fire – Box 676 at 124 Pulaski St. Building fire. [MNS-30]. 7:57p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: 75-676 at 124 Pulaski St. near Marcy Ave. 4-story frame 20x40 with heavy fire 3rd floor. 2 lines run. Request EMS. BN-35. [MNS-30]. 8:00p.m.

Update – BROOKLYN, NY: 75-676 at 124 Pulaski St. near Marcy Ave. 4-story frame 20x40 with fire 3rd floor. PWH. DIV-11. [MNS-30]. 8:13p.m.

ABOTTSTOWN (ADAMS Co.), PA: *2nd Alarm* 586 Woods Rd. Heavy fire basement of a dwelling. Extension to the 1st floor. [DC/PA1]. 8:16p.m.

Working fire – SHERBORN, MA: 125 Coolidge St. Reported fire in the attic of a dwelling. Fire knocked down. Companies checking further extension and overhauling. [TAC9-20]. 8:33p.m.

EASTON TWP. (LEAVENWORTH Co.), KS: Working structure fire @ 22020 Meagher Rd. x 215th Street. [KCFN-02]. 8:52p.m.

STLFN: WASHINGTON PARK (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Washington Park FD on scene of a house fire @ 49th and Hollows Ave. Caseyville FD responding M/A with Pumper & manpower. [STL 835]. 9:18p.m.

Working fire – NEWTON, MA: Box 72 at 1229 Center Street. Total Look Salon. Fire in a Commercial building. Heavy smoke condition. Companies are unable to find seat of fire. EMS requested to stage. All Companies working. DWH. C51 [TAC9-C20]. 9:55p.m.

CROPSEY, IL: 3rd Alarm at the “Old High School” for the working fire. [CHGO-03/02/CIL-4] . 11:29p.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire at 3800 Cold Spring Lane. Command reporting a 2-story vacant building with fire showing. MFN13 [MFN-1]. 11:41p.m.


On Tuesday, November 27th, 2001 three (3) Rome Fire Fighters were killed in the Line-of-Duty.

At approx. 0930 hrs the Rome FD was on the scene of a seven story apartment complex investigating a natural gas leak. During the investigation an explosion occurred, killing five (5) people, three (3) of which were Rome Fire Fighters.

See http://www.firehouse.com for further details.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Keep the Faith!




Brooklyn, N.Y. 11/27/01 @ 02:00 hrs.
South Brooklyn Section

Box 524
address: 118 Congress St.
between: Hicks St. & Henry St.

524 @ 01:57
Engs. 224, 204, 202
Lads. 118, 101
Batt. 31

10 - 75 - 524 @ 02:02
Ladder 110 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 205
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #1
Batt. 32
Division 11

Fire Building:
4 Story Brick 100 x 50 M.D.
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a 3 Story attach
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a 1 Story Brick attach

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 524 @ 02:04
Batt. 31: Will be using all - hands. Fire is located in the basement.
Special Call an add. Eng. & Tk.
Eng. 226 & Lad. 131 are s/c

@ 02:20
Division 11: We have 2 - lines stretched & operating.
Fire is being knocked down. Searches are still in - progress.
Have a heavy smoke condition. Fire is Still Doubtful.

@ 02:27
Division 11: Primary search of the fire apt. is negative.
Special Call ( 2 ) add. Truck Cos. Lads. 105 & 122 are s/c

@ 02:38
Division 11: Primary searches of the entire bldg. are negative.

@ 02:41
Division 11: Probably Will Hold.

@ 02:46
Division 11: Secondary searches thru out are negative.
Fire is UnderControl.



Jackson Fire Department
November 27, 2001

1237 HRS. House fire. 3624 Lampton Ave. DC3 E7 E10 R20 T20. E10 reports heavy smoke showing.

2328 HRS. Passerby comes to station 28 to report a house fire at Gallatin Street near Pearl ST. E28 T28 respond to investigate, smoke visible from the station. E28 calls for a full response. E28 reports heavy fire blowing out the front of a 1.5 story vacant house. DC1 E28 E1 R1 T28. Extra pumper called for manpower (E3). T28 set up water tower.

2331 HRS. House fire 122 Maple Ridge Dr. DC2 E12 E22 R11 T23 Squad 23.
R11 reports vacant 1 story house with flames showing.




Media Contact: District Chief Jay Boeing
Phone: 352-2344
Date: 11/27/2001

Good morning. This is District 3 Fire Chief Alan L. Sedam reporting on a 2-alarm fire which occurred at 5:35 PM the evening of November 27, 2001. The location of the fire was at 1727 Garden Ln. Fire companies were dispatched to the 2-story multi-dwelling apartment to investigate the smell of smoke in the building. Upon arrival, fire companies confirmed visible smoke and fire in the building. Shortly thereafter, fire personnel located a working fire in a second floor apartment. Immediately, an interior attackon the fire was initiated and quickly brought under control. All occupants escaped the building. A fire investigator was called to the scene. The cause is undetermined at this time pending further investigation. The estimated dollar loss was set at $50,000.

There were 28 fire personnel utilized at this incident. They were on the scene for approximately 2 hour and 10 minutes.

For further information you can contact District 4 Fire Chief Jay Boeing at 352-2344 or Capt Rottmueller at 352-1685.

Robert Becker,


SS Cyril & Methodious R.C. Church
SATURDAY DECEMBER 15, 2001 @ 1100 Hours

Thursday, December 13th, 2001
1400-1700 & 1900-2200
Friday, December 14th, 2001
1400-1700 & 1900-2200

Claude R. Boyd-Caratozzolo Funeral Home
1785 Deer Park Avenue
Deer Park, N.Y.
(631) 667-8614

Raymond M. Downey Dies at 63,
Headed Fire Rescue Units

A memorial service has been scheduled for Deputy Chief Raymond M. Downey, who commanded the rescue units of the New York Fire Department and oversaw the search-and-rescue work after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Mr. Downey, who was 63 and lived in Deer Park, N.Y., died in the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.Chief Downey's body has not been found, but the family announced yesterday that it had scheduled a memorial service for Dec. 15.

For those of you planning on attending, the service and visitation is in Deer Park, Long Island. Take the Long Island Expressway to exit 51 (Route 231). Make a right (south) at the first traffic light. You are now heading south on what is called Deer Park Avenue which is also called Route 231. Travel three miles into the town of Deer Park. Go under the Long Island Railroad overpass. Continue three more traffic lights to the intersection of Grand Boulevard and Deer Park Avenue. The Funeral Home will be on your left. Travel time is about an hour from NYC, depending on traffic and your routes.




for November 27th:

1905: T-5 moved into their new quarters on the northwest corner of Harford Ave & Oliver St, Northeast Of Downtown - It is a 2 story brick building 98'x34', costing $28,098 & the lot $4,576 - There are 2 doors for the exit of apparatus - Over the years E-9, E-19 (both now disbanded), & Medic-16 shared quarters there with T-5 - This station now stands abandoned & T-5 is quartered in a new station @ Kirk Ave & 25th St with E-33 & Medic-16. (TGA*TUH)

1970: 3 Alarms - Box#8632 - 5914-5920 York Rd & 440-446 E Belvedere Ave - Govans (North Baltimore) - Fire again involved 8 stores. (CHM1)

1972: 2 Alarms - Box#887 - 2013 Edgewood St - Walbrook (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved a 2.5 story woodframe dwelling. (CHM1)

1992: 2 Alarms + Hazmat Task Force(AT-128, Hazmat-1, E-57[Foam Pumper], Rescue-1, & DC-1) & Special Call E-50(Foam Pumper) - Box#6237 - 1800 Block Cherry Hill Rd (South Baltimore) - An electrical problem started a fire & caused $150,000 damages to the Al Mag Plating Co - The fire started in a 1 story room & then spread to a 2 story building - 1 firefighter was slightly injured - There was some apprehension over chemicals stored in the building, but these caused no problems. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman



Box 54 Club, Located in Bergen County, Township of Teaneck, New Jersey. Trained in providing fireground rehabilitation to emergency workers since 1952

"Proud Members of the IFBA"

Check us out at: http://www.box54.org


CFPA Photoshow 2002

The Connecticut Fire Photographers Association will hold its Annual Photo Show on Sunday April 21, 2002 at the Coles Road Fire Station in Cromwell CT.

In addition to photo displays, slide and multi-media shows, there will firematic vendors, food and an extrication competition.

At this time the CFPA is looking for vendors interested in being a part of the show. Please email CFPA Member Rick Burnham at rick.burnham@home.com or call me at (860)930-7331 if you are interested in a booth att he show. Items are limited to firematic goods. At this time no vendor rates have been set but they will be in the very near future.


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