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Thursday, November 29, 2001

· BRONX, NY: 66-22-2521 at Morris Ave & East 165th St. *2nd Alarm* fire in a 1-story Laundromat. [MNS-27]. 12:04a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – WAREHAM, MA: 50 Indian Neck Rd. Fire in a dryer in a Nursing Home. [TAC9-C302]. 12:17a.m.

· Update - 2nd Alarm – WAREHAM, MA: 50 Indian Neck Road "Forest View Nursing Home.” Fire reported to be a dryer. Heavy smoke showing. Mutual Aid from Marion to the scene with an Engine. *33.88 & 154.295* [TAC9-C302]. 12:25a.m.

· **2nd Alarm** The Boro of BRONX, NY: Box 251 College Ave and E 165 St. Fire in a 1story brick 30x80 taxpayer. Fire is now under control. [EAN 2 /3305]. 1:04a.m.

· Working fire – CAMBRIDGE, MA: Box 29 for opposite 377 Norfolk St. Fire on the top floor of a 3-decker. Heavy smoke showing. [TAC9-C612]. 2:56a.m.

· HILLSIDE (UNION Co.), NJ: Working fire – 29 Beechwood Place x N. Broad St. Fire in a private dwelling. Elizabeth Ladder to the scene. M/A Station coverage. [EAN2/EAN44]. 3:06a.m.

· 2nd Alarm on arrival CHARLTON, MA: H Putnam Rd. Police report house going good. Request for 2 Engines. M/A to scene. *33.58* [TAC9-C612]. 3:50a.m.

· DETROIT, MI: *2nd Alarm Equiv* 23230 Fenkell x W Parkway. Working fire in an occupied 3 story Apartment building, 300x250. Fire on upper floors & thru roof. Several EMS Units for civilian's with unknown type injuries & 1 Firefighter with difficulty breathing. [FNNM 600,800*]. 6:19a.m.

· PLUMSTEAD (OCEAN Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm* 97 Magnolia. Fully involved dwelling fire with entrapment. Full response Station 82 (Monmouth). [EAN27/503/200/700]. 7:02a.m.

· LAS VEGAS, NV: *2nd Alarm* 501 S. 1st St. Fire in an Apartment building downtown. At least 5 smoke inhalation victims. 6E, 2T, 2R, 5AMB, S1, 2BC, PIO, several Chiefs. Have a knock down. (LVFD/PIO-TRS 06:36 EST). [HNAN/RD1]. 7:23a.m.

· Update - PLUMSTEAD (OCEAN Co.), NJ: *Second Alarm* Additional M/A was requested from Burlington County. There was no entrapment. Heavy fire was in the rear and attic area. Occupancy was a Day Care Center. Fire under control. [EANSTAFF/700]. 7:24p.m.

· Working fire – RUMNEY, NH: on East Rumney Road. A Chimney extended to the house. M/A requested. C768 [TAC9-C101]. 7:59a.m.

· BRONX, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 2790 at 1690 Fulton Ave near 173 St. 6 brick 125x125 “H” type occupied multiple dwelling. Fire 5th floor extended to 6th floor. [MNS-30*]. 8:03a.m.

· Update – BRONX, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 2790 at 1690 Fulton Ave near 173 St. L-44 FAST SAFETY BN-18 COM CORD BN-19 DWH BN-26. [MNS-30*]. 8:08a.m.

· Update – BRONX, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 2790 corrected to 1695 Fulton Ave near 173rd St. 6-story brick H type occupied multiple dwelling, 125x125. Fire 4th floor extended to 5th floor. 2 lines in operation. L-44 to work L-56 now FAST. DIV-6. [MNS-30*]. 8:14a.m.

· Final update – BRONX, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box 2790 at 1695 Fulton Ave near 173 St. 6 brick “H” type occupied multiple dwelling, 125x125. Fire 5th floor extended to 6th floor. 3 lines run, 2 in operation. Primary search negative. Fire is PWH. DIV-6. [MNS-30*]. 8:29p.m.

· STLFN: JFFERSON Co., MO: High Ridge FPD has a commercial 1st Alarm structure fire at 4433 Gravois. First due engine is leading off with a pre-connect. Companies: 6434 6414 6413 6424 6416 7713 2433 5417. [STL810]. 8:34p.m.

· STLFN: Update – JEFFERSON Co., MO: High Ridge FPD's Commercial 1st Alarm structure fire at 4433 Gravois. Fire has been knocked down. Co.'s will be checking for extensions. FINAL. [STL810]. 8:36a.m.

· *5-5-5-5* It is with regret to announce the Line Of Duty Deaths of LT. Phillip S. Petti L148; FF Angel L Juarbe Jr. L12 from injuries sustained @ MANHATTAN 55-8087 WTC 9/11/01. Rest in peace. [MNS-OFFICE]. 8:48a.m.

· PARAMUS (BERGEN Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 95 Century Rd. Working Trailer fire that is at the loading dock and can’t be removed. Request heavy duty rig to move it. [EAN388]. 8:48a.m.

· STLFN: (delayed page) ST. LOUIS CO., MO: Spanish Lake FPD had a house fire at 1759 Woodstream Court. They had at least 1 line off. No size-up heard. Companies: 5125, 5110, 4910, 3710 AND EMS 3717. [STL819]. 8:57a.m.

· INDEPENDENCE, MO: Working fire @ 911 S. Woodbury x 23rd Street. Reported fire in the attic. 2 lines off so far. P2, P4, P7, R2, CHEIF7/10 [KCFN-02]. 9:07a.m.

· MANHATTAN, NY: *Rescue* Box 96 – Box location of Washington St. & Barclay St. A scaffold in danger of collapse. Aided have been removed. Have Rescue 1 continue in. [MNS-30]. 10:21a.m.

· QUEENS, NY: Working fire – Box 1321 at 81-05 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Fire on the 5th floor of a 6-story occupied multiple dwelling. [MNS-30]. 10:26a.m.

· Update – QUEENS, NY: Working fire – Box 1321 at 81-05 Rockaway Beach Blvd. near Beach 81 St. Using 2 Engines, 2 Trucks. Fire 5th floor of a 6-story brick 75x75 occupied multiple dwelling. L-134 FAST. PWH. BN-47. [MNS-30]. 10:32a.m.

· STLFN: JEFFERSON Co., MO: HERCULANEUM FD has a 1st Alarm for a kitchen fire in Herculaneum at 479 Main St. x-St. Liberty. Co.’s: 6310 6312 6316 5910 5912. [STL810]. 10:42a.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: Update - Spanish Lake FPD’s *1st Alarm* from 0730 hrs: Heavy fire was in a 1.5 story frame house at 1759 Woodstream. 5125 used (2) pre-connects & 5110 led out a 5" supply line. 4020 moved up to House 1. [STL819/810/966*]. 11:14a.m.

· (Late page) HOPATCONG (SUSSEX Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 111 Maxim Dr. x Rt.611. Structure with injuries. [NJ9901/EAN318/EAN305]. 11:20a.m.

· Working fire – AUBURN, MA: 27 Midstate Drive. Fire in the walls of a Commercial building. M/A in for coverage. (C461, C612, C742) [TAC9-C303]. 11:24a.m.

· YONKERS (WESTCHESTER Co.), NY: Working fire at 119 Linden St. Fire in an unknown type building. 2 lines working. Fire DWH. [EAN301]. 1:17p.m.

· BALTIMORE Co., MD: Dwelling fire at 503 Myrth Ave. (Co.#7 – Essex). E-7 reports a 1-story single family dwelling with fire showing. All occupants reported out okay. Requests BG&E. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 1:46p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: 75-209 Bedford Ave. & South 6th St. Fire in a 1-story garage/commercial building. Heavy smoke throughout building. [MNS119/NYCR712]. 2:09p.m.

· QUEENS, NY: *All Hands* Box 5684 100-17 Bell Air Place. Fire in a 2.5-story frame private dwelling 25x35. [EAN14]. 2:32p.m.

· 2nd Alarm - FALLRIVER, MA. 221 Lindsey Street. Structure fire. Companies report fire showing on arrival. *453.375* C302/C352 [TAC9-C461]. 2:39p.m.

· BRONX, NY: **FDNY/MVA** FDNY Unit in a MVA @ Morris Park Ave. & Williamsbridge Rd. No injuries. [MNS-30]. 3:18p.m.

· MAHWAH (BERGEN Co.), NJ: **Haz-Mat** Franklin Pike and Route 202. Construction crews struck a 2” gas main on the Riverside. Request utilities forthwith. [EAN301/EAN700]. 3:32p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: Working fire – Box 760 at 368 Harmon St. Fire 1st floor of a 2-story frame. [MNS-30]. 3:40p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: 75-760 at 368 Harmon St. near Irving Ave. 2-story wood frame 20x40 private dwelling. Fire 1st floor. 2 lines run, 1 in operation. L111 FAST. BN-28. [MNS-30]. 3:44p.m.

· Update – MAHWAH (BERGEN Co.), NJ: *Major Gas Leak* on Franklin Turnpike near Route 202. “Mahwah Medical.” Facility evacuated. 2” gas main ruptured on the Riverside. Awaiting Public Service Gas. [EAN700*EAN301]. 3:46p.m.

· Update – BROOKLYN, NY: 75-760 at 368 Harmon St. near Irving Ave. 2-story wood frame 20x40 private dwelling. Fire 1st floor. 3 lines run, 2 in operation. Fire darkening down. Primary search negative. Fire is PWH. BN-28. [MNS-30]. 3:55p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: 75-2455 at 401 E. 23rd St. near Ditmas Ave. 4-story brick 75x60 occupied multiple dwelling. Fire 1st floor. [MNS-30]. 4:17p.m.

· Update – BROOKLYN, NY: 75-2455 at 401 E. 23rd St. near Ditmas Ave. 4-story brick 75x60 occupied multiple dwelling. Fire 1st floor. Main body of fire knocked down. Primary search negative in fire apartment. L-113 FAST. BN-41. [MNS-30]. 4:21p.m.

· HAMILTON TWP. (ATLANTIC Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 5928 Hickory St. Unknown type building. Request Fire Coordinators & EMS for Stand-by. [EAN216]. 4:52p.m.

· CAMDEN (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: Working fire 526 Raritan St. Fire is under control. 1 civilian treated & released for smoke inhalation. [EAN3305]. 6:10p.m.

· 3rd Alarm - DERRING, NH: on Mansonville Road. Building well involved. Several towns mutual aid to the scene. *154.310* C603 [TAC9-C461]. 6:55p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: 75-3426 at 74 Ave U near W. 10th St. 3-story brick 20x50 dwelling. Fire top floor. BN-43. [MNS-30]. 7:05p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: All Hands – Box 3426 at 74 Ave “U” between W. 10th St. & 11th St. Fire on the top floor of a 3-story brick 20x50 occupied multiple dwelling. 2 lines stretched out. Trucks opening up. DWH. [EAN100]. 7:06p.m.

· Update- Final – BROOKLYN, NY: 75-3426 at 74 Ave U near W. 10th St. 3-story brick 20x50 with fire top floor. All visible fire knocked down. Primary search negative in fire apartment. PWH. BN-43. [MNS-30]. 7:10p.m.

· MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Building fire at 3902 Penhurst Ave. (Box 46-11). E-29 reporting fire showing in the rear 1st floor. Air Cascade en-route. [MFN-5]. 7:27p.m.

· CENTRAL TWP. (MADISON Co.), OH: *Standby 2nd Alarm** @ Madison Plains School. SR 38 & Linson Rd. Heavy fire modular classrooms in rear of building. M/A from London & Range Townships. [FPO/223/249/D276] ©. 7:33p.m.

· MFN-Update: BALTIMORE, MD: Building at 3902 Penhurst Ave. (Box 46-11). BC-5 reporting bulk of visible fire knocked down. Still have heavy smoke conditions. Primary search in progress. [MFN-5]. 7:33p.m.

· MFN-Final: BALTIMORE, MD: 3902 Penhurst Ave. (Box 46-11). BC-5 reporting a 2-story brick Apartment building. Fire under control. Primary & secondary searches negative. [MFN-5]. 7:42p.m.

· Working fire – HICKSVILLE, LONG ISLAND, NY: 188 Ohio Street. Fire in a private house. Mutual Aid to scene and to cover. [MNS 266]. 7:45p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: Working fire – Box 2455 at 401 E. 23rd St. 4-story brick building (same location as earlier All Hands). [MNS-30]. 8:11p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: 75-2455 at 401 E. 23rd St. near Ditmas Ave. 4-story brick 75x60 occupied multiple dwelling. Fire top floor. L113 FAST. 1 line runs. [MNS-30]. 8:14p.m.

· CHICAGO, IL: Still & Box Alarm fire at 4343 N. Clarendon has been struck out b/o BN9. 1 line used on a fire in a High-rise. [CHGO-1/15]. 8:26p.m.

· Working fire – BROCKTON, MA: Box 3413 Simmons Ave. & Pleasant St. Squad-A reports a fire floor 2 extended in a 2.5-story wood frame. [TAC9-C51]. 9:22p.m.

· Update – Working fire – BROCKTON, MA: 267 Pleasant St. Fire in a 20x30, 2-story wood frame under renovation. 2 lines stretched operating. Bulk of the fire is knocked down. PWH. C226. C105 O/S. [TAC9-C51]. 9:42p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: *1st Alarm* @ 4763 Cote Brilliante x Markus. 2-story brick with heavy fire. 1 line off. PUMPERS: 28-10-26-24, HL15, BC805/806, SQD-2. [STL899]. 9:58p.m.

· HACKENSACK (BERGEN Co.), NJ: **All Hands** 130 Overlook Ave. Compactor fire in a High-rise occupied multiple dwelling. Fire knocked down. Smoke on upper floors. Off duty Truck recall and EMS for stand-by. [EAN301]. 10:01p.m.

· SHAWNEE MISSION, KS: Working fire @ 11200 Metcalf x 112th St. “Johnson County Memorial Gardens.” Originally was an AFA, Companies on scene reporting heavy smoke showing. Request 1st Alarm. [KCFN-02]. 10:15p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update – STLFD’s *1st Alarm* @ 4763 Cote Brilliante x Markus. 2 lines working. Primary & secondary searches negative. 2 Companies inside the building working – the rest outside. S/C for FIU-821. [STL899]. 10:20p.m.

· HADDON HEIGHTS (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: Working fire at 1934 Narbeth Ave. Fire in the attic of a 1.5-story frame building. All Hands in service. M/A to cover. [EAN22 EAN3305]. 11:04p.m.




Fire in Montréal.
**3rd Alarm** @ 2171 Valois St. 2STY BRK MFD. Fire on 2nd. (4:00)


**3rd Alarm** @ 5155 Iberville. Large 1STY Metal COMM. Junkyard.Heavy fire on arrival. (01:45)

**3rd Alarm** @ 5341 2nd Av. St.2STY BRK MFD. Fire in sheds in the rear of the bld. (04:05)



Bronx, N. Y. 11/29/01 @ 00:30 hrs.
Melrose Section

Box 2521
address: 273 East. 165 Street
between: Melrose Ave. & College Ave.

2521 @ 00:28 aprox.
Engs. 92, 50, 68
Lads. 44, 19
Batt. 17

10 - 75 - 2521 @ 00:33
Lad. 55 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 71
Rescue Co. #3
Squad Co. #41
Batt. 26
Division 6

Second Alarm:
2 - 2 - 2521 @ 00:35
Engs. 82, 46, 73, 60
TowerLadder 31
Batt. 14 "Safety Cord."
Batt. 3 "Comm. Cord."
Eng. 72 / Satalite 2
Fieldcom 1
Tac. Support #1
Car 4 "Charlie"

Fire Building:
1 Story 30 x 80 Taxpayer ( Center Store of 3 )
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Street
Exp. #3: Is a Yard
Exp. #4: Is a 4 Story Brick M.D.

@ 00:48
Division 6: Have ( 2 ) TowerLadders up & operating.
Have 3 - lines stretched & operating. Fire located in a laundra mat.
Fire is "Doubtful"

@ 00:56
Special Call an add. Eng. & Tk. Eng. 83 & Lad. 17 are s/c

@ 01:05
Up - Date: Fire is located in a grocery store, with smoke extensions
to both exposures on both sides. Center store of three.

@ 01:19
Fieldcom: All visible fire has been extinguished in the fire bldg.
and Exp. #2 of a 3 row taxpayer. All primary searches are negative.
Fire is Probably Will Hold

@ 01:28
Special Call an add. Tk. Co. Lad. 27 is s/c

@ 01:39
Fieldcom: By orders of Car 4 "Charlie", City Wide Tour Commander,
Fire is UnderControl. Secondary searches are being conducted at
this time.

@ 01:53
Division 6: All secondary searches are negative.
Need Bldg. Dept. to check bldg. stability. Had a partial collaspe
of the roof.



11/29/01 W/F (fatal) Kansas City, MO 2420 Cleveland, 2-sty private dwelling with heavy smoke showing, 2 males removed DOA.

Pumpers 17, 18, 23, Trucks 5, 10, Rescue 12, Car 104.




NOV 29 2001 2ND TURN

semi carring steel coil tipped over onto car trapping
Eng 8,9 Ladder 1 SQUAD 2 Batt 8 Div 2

1837Hrs Still Alarm Vacant House Fire
700 Blk kentucky St. Ladder 1 reporting a working
fire in a vacant house, while all companies were working
at this fire another Still Alarm was transmitted for a fire
in the 600 Blk of Maryland 2 blks away SQUAD 2 picked
up and started into this fire While enroute SQUAD 2
reported they drove up on another fire in a vacant house
in the 600 blk of E 7th ave trying to hold it with pump cans
till 1 st engine arrives. meanwhile Engine 2 reported another
working fire in a vacant 2 sty coach house 700 blk of Maryland
SQUAD 2 taking it in from other fire.
Engines 1,12,2,8,7 Ladder 1 SQUAD 2 all working

1953hrs Still Alarm transmitted Occupied House
1300 blk of Harrison Blvd Medic 401 reporting it.
SQUAD 2 reports a occupied 11/2 frame 20x50 going good in
the basement and 1 st floor. batt 4 reports all co's working
while picking up from this fire SQUAD 2 started into another Still
Alarm 2100 blk of Central unknown fire Engine 12 reported they
could handle.

There has been lots of work lately in the city alot of Occupied
jobs, alot of work in the downtown area where there are still
several hundreds of vacant buildings. demolition is set for many
of these buildings. Good time for buffs to hang out and video.




for November 29th:

1941: E-44 was fighting a field fire on Belvedere Ave, when Captain James T. Wheatley suddenly collapsed & died from a heart attack - He was 59 years old with 30 years of service in the department - He was buried on 12/1/41 in Loudoun Park Cemetery. (TUH*CHM1)

1949: 3 Alarms - Box#274 - 0922hrs - Biddle & Chester Sts - Northeast Of Downtown - An explosion & fire destroyed the Barton Cotton Printer's cinder block building. (TUH)

1949: 5 Alarms - Box#317 - 0923hrs - 516-522 N Calvert St - Mount Vernon (Downtown North) - Fire involved the E. A. Kaestner Company Warehouse - The 4 story, brick, 100 year old building, converted to a dairy supply warehouse was blazing through the roof - DC-3, Clarence W. Smith, sounded the 3rd alarm @ 0928hrs, & the 5th alarm @ 0946hrs - The wood floors crashed through to the cellar & only the bare walls remained standing when the recall was tapped out just before midnight. (CHM1*TUH)

1966: While returning to quarters, Firefighter Paul J. Herauf, E-17 detailed to T-28, lost his balance while riding the side of the ladder truck & fell to the pavement, @ Key Hwy & Lawrence St, as they passed under the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Bridge (South Baltimore) - He sustained serious head injuries & was rushed to South Baltimore General Hospital were he underwent surgery - He died on 12/3/66 & was buried on 12/7/66 in the Glen Haven Memorial Park - He was 22 years old & in the fire service for a year & a half. (TUH*CHM1)

1971: 4 Alarms + Special Call 6 Engines - Box#5822 - 711-715 W Baltimore St - West Of Downtown - Fire involved a 3 story brick building. (CHM1)

George T. Ehrman



Firefighter-Filmmakers Produce Ground Zero Documentary:

"Bound By Courage"
For Immediate Release:
Contact: 302-286-1188

NEW YORK CITY -- On film, Fire Lieutenant Amy Steelman reports from Ground Zero: "The maze of steel, rebar, and concrete slabs constantly shift as operating engineers remove thousands of tons of debris each day. Carbon monoxide levels on the pile are high, and respiratory protection is limited to half-mask respirators. Danger is all around, however FDNY recovery teams remain resolute in bringing the vic home."

Since September 12th Lt. Steelman, and her husband and partner Chief Lou Angeli, have served as the firefighters' storytellers, and it's through their first-hand insight, that many TV viewers worldwide have come to understand the shocking reality of Ground Zero. What they describe is the story of America's most respected profession - a tale of selflessness, courage, determination and patriotism.

The firefighter-filmmaking team became TV icons, serving as the general public's link to the rescuers at Ground Zero. The duo appeared regularly on CNN. CBS News, BBC and Japan's Nippon TV. View a video clip as Amy Steelman and Lou Angeli report to CNN's Paula Zahn on September 12th.


"Amy and Lou describe the scene like other journalists,' says Lt. Michael DiNardo, 'They tell our story as only true firefighters can, with a special compassion for the families of our lost brothers."

This week, Steelman and Angeli, will begin post production on a new documentary entitled, "Bound By Courage", the story of Ground Zero from the rescuers' point-of-view. "Courage" was previewed this past weekend at the New Jersey State Film Festival by several audiences and focus groups."We were all drawn into Amy and Lou's images like moths to a flame", veteran actor Robert Prosky told reporters.

You can see what Amy and Lou have seen at Ground Zero by using your media player: http://www.tvfirefighters.com/groundzero.html

"Bound By Courage" depicts the "surreal" scene at what was once the World Trade Center towers, and reports on the "real" recovery efforts at ground zero from the rescuers' point of view. These stories from the front-line - and inside the world trade center ruins - are compelling, a "must-see" for anyone whose life was changed by the events of September 11th.

The husband-wife team normally shoot using DVCPRO, however they chose to acquire scenes at Ground Zero in MiniDV because of the portability of equipment and the ability to "playback" on-scene for incident commanders. "The smaller cameras really came in handy,' said Steelman, 'especially when we worked with USAR teams under the ruins."

View "Bound By Courage" and you'll understand why New York's Bravest are reluctant to abandon "the pile". The website is updated daily for press and emergency personnel! Other projects by Steelman and Angeli include: "Beyond The Yellow Tape": Four (4) packaged reality documentary episodes dealing with America's Bravest. Ask for a preview. The post-production team plans to use Sonic Foundry's "Vegas 3.0" software to edit "Bound By Courage".


Contact 302-286-1188


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