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Saturday, December 01, 2001

STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: Community FPD has a working house fire at 3311 Airway. First Pumper reported smoke showing pulling a pre connect. Command reports a fire in the walls and attic. [STL/819]. 1:48a.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: 75-556 at 360 Atlantic Ave x Hoyt St. Fire in a ground floor Furniture store with slight extension to 2nd floor of a 3-story brick 25x50 occupied multiple dwelling. All Fire is knocked down & D11 places fire PWH. [MNS342 IAP]. 4:22a.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: 75-1521 at 18 E. 130th St. x 5th/Madison Aves. Fir eon the 1st floor of a 4-story occupied multiple dwelling 20x50 with warehoused Apartments on various floors. 2 lines stretched operating. L40 FAST. [MNS342 IAP]. 4:53a.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: 75-1521 at 18 E. 130 St. x 5th/Madison Aves. Fire on the 1st floor of a 4-story occupied multiple dwelling 20x50. 2 lines stretched out. B12 reports main body of fire is knocked down. & PWH. [MNS342 IAP]. 4:55p.m.

BALTIMORE, MD (41-11) *Working dwelling fire* Eaton & Lombard Streets. (Highlandtown – East Baltimore). Working Fire Dispatch en-route. Request BG&E for downed wires. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 5:18a.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire at 3903 Lombard St. (Box 41-11). BC-1 reporting a 2-story brick storefront with heavy fire rear & extending. Request BG&E for ruptured gas line. [MFN-5]. 5:23a.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: *All Hands* at 18 West 130th St. Fire on the 1st floor of a 4-story occupied multiple dwelling. Fire is DWH. [EAN100/EAN3305]. 5:25a.m.

RAPHO (LANCASTER Co.), PA: 2nd Alarm at 1701 Old Line Rd. Fully involved barn fire. [DC/PA1]. 5:42a.m.

STLFN: MAPAVILLE (JEFFERSON Co.), MO: *1st Alarm* 9823 Sandy Church Rd. x Hwy Z. House fire – 6795 assisting. Move-ups being made. S/C 6713. [STL585].

PASSAIC (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm Equiv.* on Monroe St. & Lucille. Fire in the walls & floors of a occupied multiple dwelling. Fire appears to be knocked down – but they have several hot spots. Requesting Hooks to 3rd floor. M/A for cover. [EAN100]. 8:10a.m.

Update – PASSAIC (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm Equiv.* Monroe St. & Lucille. All on duty city Companies operating. Units reporting fire in several areas in the walls. Truck 2 requesting saw to roof. Have heavy smoke pushing & they need to open up. All Companies working. [EAN100]. 8:14a.m.

Update – PASSAIC (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm Equiv.* Monroe St. & Lucille. Truck 2 reports just smoke in cockloft. No apparent extension. Command reports fire is under control. [EAN100]. 8:19a.m.

STLFN: Update – MAPPAVILLE (JEFFERSON Co.), MO: *1st Alarm* house fire @ 9823 Sandy Church Rd. Herculaneum, Dunklin & Festus FD’s are now responding to the fire. [STL 585]. 8:26a.m.

ROCKLAND, MA: Building collapse @ 600 Market Street. Reported injuries. Request for (3) additional Ambulances to the scene from Whitman, Abington & Hanover. [TAC9-C461]. 9:22a.m.

Update – ROCKLAND, MA: Building collapse @ 600 Market Street. Four patients transported to Brockton & S. Shore Hospital. (1) 10-45 (Serious) transported to Boston City. [TAC9-C461]. 9:44a.m.

CHARLOTTE (MECKLENBURG Co.), NC: *2nd Alarm* 2600 Park Rd. Occupied 2-story wood frame Condo building with heavy fire showing in rear 1st to 2nd floor. (1) 2.5” & Multiple Handlines off E2. 5” Supply. BC3 on scene requests 2nd Alarm. Control time about 1 hour. L1, L2 up to roof for access. No injuries. Red Cross for 12 occupants displaced. 6E, 3L, 1R, 3BC, 1DC, C28/PIO, Medics on scene. [CFP328-O/S*702]. 11:03a.m.

NORWOOD (BERGEN Co.), NJ: 75 Railroad Ave. Fire in a private dwelling. M/A Engine to scene from Harrington Park. [EAN100]. 11:07a.m.

Update – NORWOOD, NJ: Working fire – 75 Railroad Ave. M/A Cascade Unit to scene from Closter. [NJ480/EAN103/EAN100]. 11:25a.m.

BELLEVILLE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 295 Main Street between Holmes & Joralemon. BATT-1 reports fire on the first floor of an unknown type building. [EAN39/EAN318]. 11:45a.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: *2nd Alarm* Box 12 @ #1 New York Plaza near Water St. 50-story 220x240 Office building. FD reports a Haz-Mat fire in the basement. All Units responding to the 2nd Alarm are ordered to utilize their self-contained breathing apparatus due to hazardous materials involved in the fire. [EAN2]. 12:44p.m.

MAHATTAN, NY: *3rd Alarm* + Haz-Mat 10-76 High Rise Commercial Assignemnt* Box 12 at 1 New York Plaza. 50-story Office building. Basement fire with explosion. Titanium rods were burning. Request CON-ED to the scene b/o DIV-1. [MNS-30*]. 12:48p.m.

Update – MANHATTAN, NY: *3rd Alarm + Haz-Mat + 10-76 Hi-rise Commercial Assignemnt* #1 New York Plaza. 50-story Office building. S/C Rescue 2. L9 now FAST. BN-6 COM CORD, E223 Command Post Company. DIV-1. [MNS-30*]. 12:59p.m.

Update – MANHATTAN, NY: *3rd Alarm + Haz Mat + 10-76 Hi Rise Commercial Assignment** x-12 1 NY Plaza. 50-story Office building under renovation. Basement fire Titanium rods burning & possible electric transformer explosion. EMS MERV en-route for possible 4 injured Firefighters - unknown condition. Possible civilian injuries. S/C Decon Unit. 3 lines run using Purple K on fire. DWH [MNS-30*]. 1:13p.m.

Update: MNAHATTAN, NY: **3rd Alarm/Hazmat/10-76** 1 NY Plaza. 50 story Office building. EMS reports 26 aided (2 civilians & 24 Firefighters). Numerous being transported to local hospital. [MNS-27/30*]. 2:23p.m.

STLFN: ST. CHARLES (ST. CHARLES Co.), MO: St. Charles City FD has a *1st Alarm* fire at the K-Mart Store, 3979 Veteran's Memorial Parkway x-st Cave Springs. Report of smoke showing. Co.’s: 9410 9424 9450 9457 9542 9401. [STL810]. 3:39p.m.

BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling at 301 E. 28th St. Box 31-11. BC-2 (Capt. Baker T-15) reporting fire on the exterior of 3 dwellings. Wires down. Air Cascade requested. [MFN-4]. 7:56p.m.

LONG BEACH (NASSAU Co.), NY: *Working fire* 76 East Park Ave. 2-story dwelling. Fire #2 floor. [CWRNY3339//EAN2]. 8:07p.m.

MFN: ANNE ARUNDEL Co., MD: Working dwelling fire – Dixie Printing on Rt.648. Engine 34 (Tim Micelli) requests the Box for heavy fire in a Warehouse. [MFN-13]. 8:33p.m.

NORTH BERGEN (HUDSON Co.), NJ: *Working fire* Tonelle Ave. & 32nd St. 2-story frame fully involved. [JC2Z/EAN318]. 9:03p.m.

STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Lemay FPD has a *1st Alarm* house fire at 3901 Mount Olive Road. They have at least one line off and a move up has been made. [STL 819]. 9:05p.m.

NORTH BERGEN (HUDSON Co.), NJ: 2nd Alarm @ 3114 Tonelle Ave. (2) dwellings well involved. [EAN-STAFF-EAN10]. 9:20p.m.

NORTH BERGEN (HUDSON Co.), NJ: 3rd Alarm - 3114 Tonelle Ave. Several vacant dwellings well involved. [EANSTAFF-EAN10]. 9:22p.m.

2nd Alarm – MARSTON MILLS (CAPE COD), MA: Route 28 at Old Post Road. Fire reported to be a 1.5-story wood frame structure – well involved. Mutual Aid responding. [TAC9-C302]. 9:24p.m.

JERSEY CITY (HUDSON Co.), NJ: *Apparatus MVA* 15th St. & Marin Blvd. FDJC Fire Prevention vehicle involved in a MVA. No injuries. [EAN301/EAN318]. 9:27p.m.

Update – 2nd Alarm – MARSTON MILLS (CAPE COD), MA: Route 28 at Old Post Road. Heavy fire showing. Collapse to the 1st floor. Defensive operations in progress. M/A to the scene and for coverage. C289. [TAC9-C302]. 9:36p.m.

*4th Alarm* NORTH BERGEN (HUDSON Co.), NJ: Tonelle Ave near 31st St. At least 3 structures involved. M/A from area. [MNS119*]. 9:40p.m.

MAPLEWOOD, NJ: 2nd Alarm on arrival in the 700 block of Springfield Ave. fire in a Commercial building. Setting up a Ladder Pipe. M/A to work/cover. [EAN10]. 9:40p.m.

Update – MAPLEWOOD, NJ: 2nd Alarm at 1899 Springfield Ave. Heavy fire in a Commercial building. Setting up Master Streams. [EAN503/633/EAN10]. 9:42p.m.

MAPLEWOOD, NJ: *3rd Alarm* at 1881 Springfield Ave. Heavy fire in a Commercial building. M/A to the scene from 4 area FD’s. [EAN10]. 9:50p.m.

DOVER TWP. (OCEAN Co.), NJ: Working fire on Rt.37 West at Waste Management Corp. Structure fire. [EAN10]. 9:55p.m.

*3rd Alarm* MAPLEWOOD (ESSEX Co.), NJ: 1800 block of Springfield Ave. Structure fire. M/A to scene. EMS treating 1 Firefighter. [MNS119*]. 10:08p.m.

STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update on Lemay FPD’s 1st Alarm at 3901 Mount Olive Road. The Alarm has been struck out by Command & move-ups Companies have been released. [STL 819]. 10:00p.m.

MFN-Final: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire (Box 31-11) at 301 E. 28th St. fire with extension to 305 E. 28th St. Neighborhood Service notified for 2 adults & 3 children displaced. [MFN-8]. 10:00p.m.

Working fire – BOSTON, MA: Box 2597 at 960 American Legion Highway. “Rent-A-Center.” fire in a Commercial structure. Heavy smoke showing from the rear of the structure. C20. [TAC9-C302]. 10:16p.m.

2nd Alarm – BOSTON, MA: Box 2597 at 960 American Legion Highway. “Rent-A-Center.” Fire in a Commercial structure. Heavy smoke showing from the rear of the structure. C20 [TAC9-C302]. 10:20p.m.

3rd Alarm – BOSTON, MA: Box 2597 at 960 American Legion Highway. “Rent-A-Center.” Fire in a Commercial structure. Heavy smoke showing from the rear of the structure. C20. [TAC9-C302]. 10:28p.m.

Update – 3rd Alarm – BOSTON, MA: Box 2597 at 960 American Legion Highway. Heavy fire in the rear of a 1-story brick block of stores. [TAC9-C302]. 10:39p.m.

STLFN: MILLSTADT (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Millstadt FD on scene of a house fire @ 510 West Washington St. Smithton FD responding M/A with Pumper & manpower. [STL819/835]. 10:46p.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Building fire at Debelius & Erdman Aves. “Crazy Rays” Box 3-2. E-51 reporting fire showing from a 1-story Office building. [MFN-5]. 10:46p.m.

Working fire – FALL RIVER, MA: 23 Coral Street. Reported fire on the 2nd & 3rd floors in a 3-story wood frame structure. [TAC9-C302]. 10:50p.m.

Update – Working fire – FALL RIVER, MA: 23 Coral Street. Reported fire on the 2nd & 3rd floor in a 3-story wood frame structure. Request for an extra Engine and Ladder to the scene. Possible people trapped. C304. [TA9C-C302]. 10:51p.m.

MFN-Update: BALTIMORE, MD: Building fire – Debelius & Erdman Aves. (Box 3-2). BC 1 reporting fire in front part of building. Request Air Cascade & FIB. [MFN-5]. 10:55p.m.

Working fire – SEABROOK, NH: on Batchelder Road. “Simron Apartments.” Reported fire in a 3-story Apartment building. Mutual Aid responding. [TAC9-C302]. 11:21p.m.

2nd Alarm Equiv. SEABROOK, NH: on Batchelder Road. Reported fire in a Garden-style Apartment structure with reported people trapped. Mutual Aid from several FD’s to the scene. [TAC9-C302]. 11:36p.m.



12/01/01 0545hrs A/C/W Overland Park, KS 6510 W 75th St x Walmer St, attic fire in a 1-sty private dwelling.
E421, Q451, E422, Q452, BC405, EMS1143. Add'l engine: CFD#2 E221

0945hrs W/F rekindle Overland Park, KS 6510 W 75th St, heavy smoke showing. Same assignment including add'l engine & BC205.

12/01/01 W/F Kansas City, MO 0943 hrs Holiday Inn Airport, 11832 NW Plaza Circle (near KCI airport), w/f in one unit w/extension to both sides. Pumpers 3, 4, 16, Quint 44, Truck 12, Rescue 16, Car 108.



Manhatten, N.Y. 12/01/01 @ 13:30 hrs.
Battery Park section

Box 12
address: #1 New York Plaza
between: South St. & Broad St.

12 @ 13:27 aprox.
Engs. 4, 6, 7
Lads. 15, 1
Batt. 1
Marine Co. #1

10 - 75 - 12 @ 13:32 aprox.
Ladder 6 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 55
Rescue Co. #1
Squad Co. #18
Batt. 2
Division 1

Fire Building:
50 Story 220 x 240 Office Bldg.

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 12 @ 13:36 aprox.
Batt. 1 reports, Using all - hands. Fire is located in the basement.
Have a heavy smoke condition. Indications of a major electrical fire.
Request Con Ed forthwith.
Special Call an Extra Eng. & Tk.
Eng. 33 & Lad. 8 are s/c

Second Alarm:
2 - 2 - 12 @ 13:41
Engs. 24, 28, 5 ( balance of assignment )
Lad. 20
Batt. 7 "Safety Cord."
Batt. 6 "Comm. Cord."
Eng. 9 / Satalite 1
Marine Co. #6
Fieldcom 1
Tac. Support #1
Mask Service Unit
Car 4 "Bravo"

@ 13:42
All companies responding into the 2nd. alarm, respond in with S.C.B.A.
equipment due to Haz. Mat. conditions. Reported Titanium rods on fire.
Special Call Haz. Mat. #1 "K"

10 - 76 - 12 @ 13:46
Eng. 1 C.F.R.D. Eng.
Eng. 23 act. 33 is Command Post Co.
Lads. 11 & 3
Batt. 4

Third Alarm:
Transmitted after reports of an explosion in the basement.
3 - 3 - 12 @ 13:47
Engs. 26, 14, 3, 16
Lad. 18
Eng. 207 / Satalite 6
Batt. 31
Batt. 45 act. 2 Staging Chief

@ 13:47
Manhatten transmits Box 9031: Brooklyn Bridge Response:
Brooklyn: Eng. 205, Lad. 105, Batt. 31

@ 13:47
Manhatten transmits Box 9032: Battery Tunnel Response:
Brooklyn: Eng. 202, Lad. 101, Batt. 40

Note: These units can be used at the scene, or for relocation purposes.

@ 13:50
Special Call an add. Rescue Co. Rescue Co. #2 is s/c

@ 13:52
Division 1: Have put the "FAST" Truck to work.
Special Call an add. Tk. as a "Fast" Truck.
Lad. 9 is s/c as the New "FAST" Truck.

Progress Report: @ 14:27
Fieldcom: Have 3 - lines stretched & operating.
Using Purple "K" on the Titanium fire.
Fire Dept. has experience some injuries, all minor at this time.
This report from Chief of Operations, Chief Cassano.

@ 14:30
Tac. Support #2 is responding from the quarters of Rescue #5
with ( 3 ) 5 gals. pails of G - 1 powder.

@ 14:45
Eng. 47 is s/c & assign to pick - up & respond the Decon Unit Trailer

Progress Report: @ 14:51
Fieldcom: Probably Will Hold by orders of Chief Cassano,
Chief of Operations.

@ 16:11
Division 1: Special Call 1 - Eng; 1 - Tk; & 1 - Batt. to the scene.
Report in to the Battery Place & South St. side of the Bldg.
Eng. 39, Lad. 35, Batt. 11 are s/c

At this point, I had to leave on a detail.

I received the official, UnderControl time @ 23:20 hrs




for December 1st:

1874: E-11 in service - Disbanded 6/6/1986. (CHM2)

1903: E-23 in service - Organized 9/29/1902. (CHM2)

1956: 8 Alarms - 6-6-52 & 2-2-528 - 106-112 W Barre St - Otterbein (South Of Downtown) - Fire involved the Yoffee Grocery Company - E-2 responded to a silent alarm @ 1610hrs to investigate unusual smoke conditions - Fire was leaping from the upper windows of the 3 story brick building & Lieutenant Francis A. Kemper radioed for Box#52 to be sounded - When Headquarters twice asked him to repeat the message, he replied "Strike out a 2nd alarm from Box#52" - It was 1612hrs - BC-6, Thomas F. Potter, ordered the 4th alarm @ 1616hrs - The top floor was occupied by the Lifelike Plastics Company & the burning products produced flames with different colors - DC-5, John E. Ege, sounded the 6th alarm @ 1620hrs - Acting Chief Of The Fire Department, Paul Reynolds, sounded the 2nd alarm (8th alarm) from Box#528 @ 1623hrs as the raging flames burst through the roof, trapping Firefighters Louis Boeh & John Lang, T-6, who found that the extended aerial ladder was being moved from its position, & they had nowhere to go - They leaped through the flames daringly on the moving ladder in order to save their lives - Lieutenant Harry S. Mainz, E-47, was on a fire escape playing a hoseline on the fire, when he fell to the ground breaking his leg - He never returned to duty because of his injury & was placed on the Pension Roll. (CHM1*TUH)

1959: 5 Alarms - Box#634 - 2027hrs - 1318-1320 E Fort Ave - Locust Point (South Baltimore) - Fire involved the old Deluxe Theatre, which had been converted into a storage warehouse - The smokey blaze mushroomed into false ceilings & partitions, & 5 alarms were sounded by 2132hrs - Lieutenant Louis F. Cox, E-26, suffered a broken thumb & Firefighter Franklin Cooper, E-12, fell over a hose line while carrying a ladder & wounded his leg - Firefighter Robert E. Severn, E-12, collapsed with a heart attack when he was overcome by the thick smoke & was hospitalized - He was 54 years old & never returned to duty, being placed on the Pension Roll 1 year later. (TUH)

1971: Both Anne Arundel County & The Maryland Port Authority refused to assume any part of the cost of operating the Department's 4 fireboats - E-49, stationed @ Wagner's Point, South Baltimore, was disbanded, & the largest fireboat in the fleet, "The Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro" was shifted to Fort McHenry (Locust Point - South Baltimore) as E-39 - Later it was discovered that the larger vessel was rubbing dangerously against the pier & the fireboat was again shifted to the Dundalk-Colgate Creek Station (Southeast Baltimore) as E-48 - The Fireboat "Mayor Harold W. Grady" was returned to Fort McHenry - E-49 was placed in service on 6/27/1921. (TUH*CHM2)

George T. Ehrman



This sight contains a lot of good fire pictures. For those of us do not understand what the term of greater fire means in LA. This shows some picture of them.

Click here: CHIBI Photos




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