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Monday, December 03, 2001

QUEENS, NY: 75-4453 AT 43-24 Bounce St. near 45th Ave. Fire on the 1st floor of a 2.5-story 20x40 occupied private dwelling. [MNS 154]. 12:03a.m.

CHARLOTTE (MECKLENBURG Co.), NC: *3rd Alarm* 5000 Cherrycrest Lane x I-77. C28 CFD/PIO en-route reports fire at the 2-story wood frame Apartment complex is now 3rd Alarm. 1st & 2nd Alarm Companies working. [CFP328*702]. 2:25a.m.

Update – CHARLOTTE, NC: *3rd Alarm* 5013 Cherrycrest Lane. Fire in a 2-story wood frame Apartment building. 4 units destroyed. Fire ran attic. 2-5” & numerous 2.5” 1.75” handlines stretched operating. L16 up. Fire under control. No injuries. 9E, 4L, 1R, 3BC’s, PIO & Medic on scene. [CFP328-O/S*702]. 3:40a.m.

Working fire – PLYMOUTH, MA: 18 Howard Drive. Structure fire. EMS requested to stage. [TAC9-C20]. 4:34a.m.

LONG BEACH (NASSAU Co.), NY: Working fire – Signal 10: 46 Virginia off Ocean Ave. Fire on side of a private dwelling. [MNS342]. 6:33a.m.

Overnight: QUEENS, NY: 75-9489 at 68th Ave x 150th St. off Melbourne Ave. Fire in a row of 20 brick garages 20x200. Special Units were returned en-route and fire was placed under control @ 0230hrs EST. [MNS342]. 6:36a.m.

Update – LONG BEACH (NASSAU Co.), NY: Working fire – Signal 10: Correct address of 36 Virginia x Oceanview Ave. Fire in the basement of a vacant private dwelling. M/A Island Park Truck to stand-by @ Long Beach Headquarters. OIC reports all visible fire is knocked down. Waiting for smoke to clear. MNS433/434 [MNS342]. 6:40a.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: *Working dwelling fire* 3425 E. Baltimore St. (Box Alarm 51-6). BC-1 reporting heavy fire showing 1st & 2nd floors. Air Cascade & Medic Unit dispatched. [MFN-4]. 7:11a.m.

MFN-Update: BALTIMORE, MD: *Working dwelling fire* 2425 E. Baltimore St. BC-1 reporting a 2-story vacant building – fully involved. Fire contained with several attack lines. [MFN-4]. 7:27a.m.

PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm* Ward & Marshell. Building fire. [EAN77/EAN388]. 8:05a.m.

Update – PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm* on Marshell near Ward. Heavy fire in the rear back Member’s fire. [EAN77/EAN388]. 8:17a.m.

Update – PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm* on Marshel near Ward. Heavy fire in a 3-story frame. Handlines in operation. [EAN388]. 8:22a.m.

Update – PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm* on Marshel near Ward. Heavy fire in a 3-story frame. Ladder Pipes & numerous handlines in operation. Extension to a 2-story brick. All Companies working. Fire doubtful. [EAN77/EAN388]. 8:34a.m.

Haz-Mat: BROCKTON, MA: 1 Massasoit Blvd. “Massasoit Community College.” Reported Chemical spill in the science building. Request for a Haz-Mat Tier-1 response with evacuations in progress. [TAC9-C302]. 8:40a.m.

PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: **3rd Alarm** Marshall @ Ward Streets. Building fire. M/A FAST Co. & Cover. [MNS-30*IAP]. 8:46a.m.

BRONX, NY: 75-2455 Oak Pt. Ave. & Barry St. Brush fire. Marine Unit to the scene. No Special Units. [MNS119]. 8:47a.m.

BRONX, NY: All Hands – Box 2455 @ Oak Point Ave. & Barry St. FD reports a large deep seated rubbish/brush fire. [EAN2]. 8:49a.m.

Update – PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: **3rd Alarm** Marshall @ Ward Streets. Heavy fire in a 3-story wood frame building. Fire extended to a 2-story brick building. Ladder Pipes & numerous lines run. [MNS-30*IAP]. 9:06a.m.

Update – PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 12 Marshel near Ward. Fire is darkening down. Still have heavy smoke conditions. Numerous handlines operating and 2 Ladder Pipes up and operating. M/A requested to cover and now request Teaneck Box 54 to the scene. [EAN77/EAN388]. 9:08a.m.

LACEY TWP. (OCEAN Co.), NJ: 210 Western Blvd at the Old Millpond School. Working structure fire. Fire in the library. Ocean FMO responding. [EAN12]. 9:25am.

MFN: PRINCE GEORGE Co., MD: Haz-Mat at Brinkley Rd. & Fisher Rd. Fuel truck overturned. Command reporting large spill – have gradually slowed down leak at this time. [MFN-8]. 9:31a.m.

BALTIMORE, MD: (41-9): Working fire in an occupied dwelling at 704 Fagley St. Highlandtown (Southeast Baltimore). BC-1 reports a 2-story brick occupied row with heavy smoke showing on the 2nd floor. (1) 3 year-old child rescued. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 10:31a.m.

KANSAS CITY, MO: Working fire @ 41st Street x Vineyard. Smoke showing from a 1-story ranch. 1 line off so far. P18, P24, R9, R11, T2, CAR105. [KCFN-02]. 11:00a.m.

Working fire – SANFORD, ME: on Main Street near the library. Reported heavy fire in the rear of the structure spreading .[TAC9-C302]. 11:14a.m.

Haz-Mat: ACTON, MA: 930 Main Street. Reported white powder found in a Commercial structure. Evacuations in progress. Request for a Tier-1 response. C108 [TAC9-C302]. 11:24a.m.

EDISON, NJ: Working fire on Olson Ave. Fire in a Commercial building. [EAN10]. 11:25a.m.

Update – Working fire – SANFORD, ME: on Main Street near the Library. Reported heavy fire in a 2-story wood frame structure. Mutual Aid to the scene and for Station coverage. [TAC9-C302]. 11:25a.m.

EDISON (MIDDLESEX Co.), NJ: Working fire at 8 Olsen Ave. Fire in a 1-story Commercial building with Chemicals involved. Request County Haz-Mat Team to the scene. Fire is now reported knocked down. [EAN301/EAN100]. 11:33a.m.

BRONX, NY: All Hands at 2001 Story Ave. 9-story 75x100 occupied multiple dwelling. [MNS-30*IAP]. 11:52a.m.

Update – BRONX, NY: 75-2678 at 2001 Story Ave. 9-story brick 75x100 occupied multiple dwelling with fire on the 4th floor. PWH. [MNS-30*IAP]. 11:59a.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: All Hands Box 583, 334 Bergen St. between 3rd & 4th Aves. Fire on the top floor of a 4-story brick 25x50 occupied multiple dwelling. Trucks opening up. Searches underway. Fire is darkening down. [EAN100]. 11:59a.m.

Haz-Mat: CANTON, MA: 150 Royal Street. “Boston Serve.” Reported package that was opened containing white powder. Request for a Tier-1 response. [TAC9-C302]. 12:43p.m.

PUTNAM, CT: 2nd Alarm – High Street. Fire in 2 structures. M/A to the scene & cover. [CWP/CT19]. 12:50p.m.

Update – Hazmat – CANTON, MA: 150 Royal Street. “Boston Serve.” Tier-1 response has been cancelled. Incident is under control. [TAC9-C302]. 1:02p.m.

WORCESTER, MA: Please take a moment of silence to remember the 6 Worecester firefighters killed while operating at Box 5-1438 at 1813hrs EST, 12/3/99. [TAC9]. 3:41p.m.

MFN-Final: BALTIMORE, MD: Working dwelling fire at Garrison Blvd & Gwynns Falls Parkway. BC-5 reporting fire contained to structure of origin. Several attack lines working. Crews opening walls and ceilings. [MFN-4]. 3:49p.m.

Update – BALTIMORE, MD (20-6): Working fire in a dwelling – correct address is the 2200 block Garrison Blvd. BC-5 reports bulk of fire knocked down. Checking for extensions. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 3:51p.m.

MORRISONVILLE (CHRISTIAN Co.), IL: (Delayed 12:28p.m.) *2nd Alarm* working structure fire across from the Grain Elevator in Morrisonville. M/A Raymond FD in Montgomery Co. [CIFN*99]. 4:05p.m.

Working fire – PROVIDENCE, RI: Box 239 at 21 Pinewood Dr. Fire in the kitchen of an occupied dwelling. [TAC9-C51]. 4:21p.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire at 6861 McClean Blvd. (Dutch Village). Box Alarm 56-14. BC-4 reporting a 2-story middle of group with fire 2nd floor bedroom. Request Air Cascade. [MFN-4]. 4:58p.m.

MFN-Update: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire at 6861 McClean Blvd. (Dutch Village). (Box Alarm 56-14). BC-4 reports a 2-story middle-of-group with fire in the 2nd floor bedroom. Request Air Cascade. [MFN-4]. 4:58p.m.

TORRINGTON, CT: Working fire on Norfolk Rd. “Hemlock Trailer Park.” NFI. [CWP/CT80]. 6:15p.m.

TORRINGTON, CT: 2nd Alarm on Norfolk Rd. “Hemlock Trailer Park.” NFI. [CWP/CT80]. 6:22p.m.

STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Lemay FPD *1st Alarm* struck from a Still Alarm @ 121 E. Holden x Broadway. House fire. Move-ups made (E-1130 to Lemay’s Engine House). [STL899]. 7:28p.m.

PERTH AMBOY (MIDDLESEX Co.), NJ: Working fire on Convery Blvd. South Amboy to scene on Mutual Aid. [NJ702-EAN299]. 7:30p.m.

PERTH AMBOY (MIDDLESEX Co.), NJ: 3rd Alarm fire in the 500 block of Convery Blvd. Heavy smoke condition in a building. M/A from South Amboy. [MNS-490]. 7:34p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD is on scene of a working fire @ 2103 E. College. Smoke showing from a 2-story brick building. 1 line off. PUMPERS: 8, 26, 10, BC801. [STL899]. 8:42p.m.

Working fire – BOSTON, MA: Box 3459 for 15 Van Winkle St. Companies report fire showing from a structure. [TAC9-C519]. 9:14p.m.

Update – Working fire – BOSTON, MA: Box 3459 for 15 Van Winkle St. OIC reports heavy fire on floors 1 & 2 of a 2.5-story wood frame occupied structure. [TAC9-C519]. 9:16p.m.

Update – Working fire – BOSTON, MA: Box 3459 for 15 Van Winkle St. OIC reports fire knocked down. Companies overhauling & checking for extensions. PWH. C461, C51. [TAC9-C519]. 9:28p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* @ 424 Wilmington x Compton (access off Michigan). 1-story brick with report of explosion. Fire going thru the roof. Report of person inside house. PUMPERS: 23-4-34-19, HL4, BC804/803, SQD-1, DC810. [STL899]. 9:44p.m.

STLFN: FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Fairview Heights FD on scene of a working Apartment fire @ 9904 Old Lincoln Trail, Apt-C. PD advises a working fire on arrival. French Village FD responding M/A. [STL 835]. 9:47p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update – STLFD’s *1st Alarm* @ 424 Wilmington x Compton. 1-story brick building - fire through the roof with exposure problems. 1 person has been removed from house. 2 lines working at this time. [STL899]. 9:52p.m.

STLFN: FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Update on Fairview Heights FD’s working fire @ 9904 Old Lincoln Trail. First Engine in is to hit the nearest hydrant. Companies: Engines: 22, 21, DC 24, BC 25. [STL 835]. 9:52p.m.

FireHISTORY: Dec.1, 1865: FDNY LADDER 12 organized at 243 W. 20th St. (that house was built in 1854 for Vol. Engine 50 and is STILL STANDING). Ladder 12 was the last of the PAID Companies organized in the original Metropolitan FD. *Dec 3, 1891: Chicago ENGINE 58 (Fireboat “Chicago.&#8221 organized at 95th St. & Calumet River. *Dec 3, 1887 Chicago Truck 12 organized at 2258 W. 13th St. [CHGO-18]. 9:54p.m.

NORTH PATCHOGUE (SUFFOLK Co.), NY: Working fire at 13/35 Medford St. x Rt.112. Fire in a Commercial building. M/A Patchogue Engine to the scene to assist in search. [MNS212]. 10:00p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update on STLFD’s *1st Alarm* at 424 Wilmington. DC 810 requests that the EMS Unit report to the rear of the building. FIU CAR 821 has been requested to the scene. DC810 reports they have 2 civilians injured. One civilian with serious injuries and 1 with a leg injury. [STL 819]. 10:01p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update – STLFD’s *1st Alarm* at 424 Wilmington. By orders of BC804 – Strike out the 1st Alarm. [STL819]. 10:05p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update – STLFD’s *1st Alarm* at 424 Wilmington. DC 810 now reports they have 1 fatality. [STL819]. 10:07p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a report of a jumper from the Martin Luther King Bridge. A Police Officer reported seeing someone jump from the bridge. PUMPERS: 9, 2, BC802 & the Marine Unit Task Force is responding. Command Post will be at the foot of Chouteau St. [STL 819]. 10:18p.m.

MILWAUKEE, WI: *2nd Alarm* @ 3921 N. 17th St. Fire in a multiple family Apartment building. [M1-MKE FIRENET]. 10:18p.m.

HACKENSACK, NJ: (2200hrs EST) - 170 Prospect Ave. A minor grease fire in Apt. 7R. due to overheated cooking oil on stove. Minor damage to kitchen floor & smoke throughout Apartment. Occupant transported to HUMC with “very minor” burns to hand & foot. [EAN10/503/100]. 10:19p.m.

CHICAGO, IL: CFD Still Alarm: BN20 has a fire in area of 63rd & Troy. 3-story 200x75 building with rear porches going. 2 lines working. Engine 88/1010 Truck 41/59 Squad-5, 2-7-4. [CHGO-1]. 10:20p.m.

CHICAGO, IL: Still & Box Alarm fire @ 63rd & Kedzie b/o BN20. [CHGO-1]. 10:23p.m.

NORTH PATCHOUGE, NY: Medford St. & Rt.112. Fire in a Commercial building. M/A Engine Co. to the fire. [NY4//EAN10]. 10:33p.m.

ESFN: ACCOMACK Co., VA: **2nd Alarm** Structure fire on Davis Rd. in New Church. 20-24 reports structure fully involved with 2 sheds & Autos involved. Request Station 2 & 4 to assist. Station 1 (New Church) on the initial. [ESFN-3/STAFF]. 10:33p.m.

MILWAUKEE, WI: *3rd Alarm @ 3921 N. 17th St. Fire in a multi-family Apartment building. [M1/MKE FIRENET]. 10:33p.m.

LAKEWOOD (OCEAN Co.), NJ: Working fire off Ridge Ave. First due Engine to lay in. DWH-ATT. [EAN27/EAN100]. 10:34p.m.

CHICAGO, IL: Update on the Still & Box Alarm @ 63rd & Kedzie. 2-story Commercial building 100x75 with fire on the 1st floor and Apartments above. At least 2 lines working. [CHGO-1/144+]. 10:46p.m.

BALTIMORE, MD (36-5): Occupied dwelling fire at 2312 Arunah Ave. (West Baltimore). BC-3 (Ward) reports a 2-story brick occupied row with heavy smoke on the 2nd floor. 1 civilian with smoke inhalation. Air Cascade 1 & Medic-15 en-route. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 10:49p.m.

Update – LAKEWOOD (OCEAN Co.), NJ: Working fire off Ridge Ave. fire confined to 1 room & contents. Fire is knocked down at this time & under control. Request County fire Marshals to scene. [NJ282/EAN27/EAN100]. 10:50p.m.


12/03/01 LEO LODD Junction City, KS Wilson Johnson, 18-yr veteran of the Junction City, KS, police department, was shot and killed as he responded to a domestic disturbance call at a Junction City apartment building about 0430hrs. The gunman fired at backup officers, then retreated inside his apartment where he turned the gun on himself and died. Officer Johnson was helping a woman recover her children from the apartment when he was shot. The children had been unlawfully removed from a babysitter's custody by the gunman. Funeral arrangements pending.






On Monday, December 03, 2001 at 0006 Hours (12:06 AM PST), six Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, fifteen LAFD Rescue Ambulances and two LAFD EMS District Captains, all under the direction of Battalion Commander Richard Markota responded to an Electrical System Failure and Multi-Patient Medical Evacuation at 2190 West Adams Boulevard in the West Adams area. The first Company to arrive at the Western Convalescent Hospital reported an electrical system failure with a backup generator incapable of energizing the premises. A thorough assessment of the twenty-one patients at the skilled nursing facility identified ten who were ventilator dependent. With the reserve battery capacity for their life-support systems diminishing, a command decision was made to transport these ventilator dependent patients to area hospitals. While a small cadre of Firefighters investigated the inert generator and power problem, their colleagues monitored the vital signs and offered compassionate care to all of the bewildered residents. With military precision, the fleet of LAFD ambulances moved symmetrically in front of the facility, briskly loading the 10 patients and transferring them to hospitals in the region. Soon thereafter, power was restored to the facility. Officials from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the LAFD Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety will be investigating this incident.


On Monday, December 03, 2001 at 1028 Hours (10:28 AM PST), eight Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, three LAFD Rescue Ambulances, one EMS District Captain and one Battalion Officer Command Team, all under the direction of Battalion Chief Michael Little, responded to a Greater Alarm Structure Fire with a Civilian Burn Victim at 6560 South Victoria Avenue in the Hyde Park area of Los Angeles. The first Company to arrive on scene reported a bungalow-style residential fourplex with heavy fire showing to the rear. Firefighters using handlines mounted a swift and strident assault on the fire, which had quickly spread from a rear porch into one of the occupancies. The fire was confined to the one unit, with collateral damage to a neighboring occupancy – both of which, despite Firefighters efforts, were rendered untenable. A 2 year-old resident who had been near the fire sustained 1st and 2nd degree burns to his face, neck and hands. In fair condition, he was transported by LAFD Paramedics to the Martin Luther King-Drew Medical Center. There were no other injuries. Displaced by the fire were the burnt boy and his mother, as well as 2 adult and 2 child neighbors. All were referred to the American Red Cross for placement assistance. Loss from this fire was limited to $13,000 ($10,000 structure & $3,000 contents). The cause of this blaze remains under active investigation.


On Monday, December 3, 2001 at 2223 Hours (10:23 PM PST), fifteen Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, one EMS District Captain, three LAFD Rescue Ambulances and four Battalion Officer Command Teams, all under the direction of Assistant Chief Terry Manning, responded to a Greater Alarm Structure Fire at 800 North Las Palmas Avenue in the Hollywood area. The first Company to arrive on scene reported a large 4-story center hallway apartment building with heavy fire showing from the southeast portion of the upper floors. Firefighters using handlines made a swift and well-coordinated attack on the fire, which they confined to a single third floor apartment. The fire was extinguished in just 35 minutes. Occupants of the building’s 28 units self-evacuated without injury. Firefighters credited smoke alarms for alerting the residents, and Fire Sprinklers for holding the flames in check within the large apartment. Loss from this fire is still being tabulated. The cause of the blaze is listed as under investigation.

Fraternally Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room EOC-423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: beh9593@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org



Cincinnati Fire Division
Media Release
Media Contact: District Chief David Collini
Phone: 352-2344
Date: 12/3/2001
Incident Location: 108 Rion Lane

Good afternoon this is District Chief Dave Collini of District 4 reporting on a fire that occurred at 108 Rion Lane. The incident occurred at 1:24 PM. Upon arrival fire companies found smoke and flames issuing from the 2nd floor windows of a 6 family, 2 story multi-dwelling. The building was evacuated and searched. Fire companies through rapid use of ventilation techniques, and an aggressive interior attack were able to contain the fire to the 2nd floor apartment of a Ms. Deborah Davis. The origin of the fire has been determined to be attributed to the 8 year old son of Ms. Davis playing with an lighter in the bedroom. The child was referred to the Cincinnati Fire Division Juvenile Firesetter Program. There were no injuries to either civilians or firefighters. Smoke detectors were present and operating. The Building is owned by the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority. Damage was placed at $15,000.00. Additional questions regarding this incident may be directed to District 4 Chief Dave Collini at 352-2344 or any other District 4 Chief.


Cincinnati Fire Division
Media Release
Media Contact: District Chief David Collini
Phone: 352-2344
Date: 12/3/2001
Incident Location: 1403 East McMillan Street

Good evening this is Dist. 4 Chief Dave Collini reporting on a fire that occurred on 12-3-01 at 9:39 PM at 1403 East McMillan Street in a 2 story multi-dwelling. First arriving fire companies found heavy smoke issuing from the basement and first floors. Two teens & two younger children were evacuated. Fire companies made an aggressive interior attack on the fire, which originated in the basement furnace room. The cause of the fire was determined to be combustibles too close to the furnace. In turn this ignited storage and an adjacent storage room. There were no injuries to either firefighters or occupants. The dollar loss was placed at $10,000.00.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting Distict 1 at 352-2311


Captain Robert Becker
Cincinnati Fire Prevention Bureau
700 West Pete Rose Way
5th Floor, Lobby B
Office (513) 357-7597



Franklin, WI (Milwaukee County)- General Alarm to 9710 W. St. Martins Rd. Companies finding heavy smoke on arrival, everybody working. (FFD 204, 205, 206, 220 as command, M-11, Greendale engine)



Monday 3 December 2001 - 20:00 hours


NSW Rural Fire Service volunteer firefighters are battling some 50 bushfires burning in areas including the Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Wollondilly districts. Hundreds of volunteer firefighters are also committed to storm damage relief operations around Sydney.

In total, the NSW Rural Fire Service has deployed over 140 fire tankers and more than 700 volunteer firefighters to both firefighting and storm damage operations.

Fires around the Leura area (Blue Mountains) are cause for particular concern, with crews having to contend with three separate fires that have joined together to form a 3 kilometre wide firefront. Blue Mountains District fire crews are also contending with another 8 significant fires burning in National Park areas. The Blue Mountains has been declared, under the Rural Fires Act, a Section 44 "bushfire emergency" by the Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service, to marshal all available firefighting resources.

Similar concern is held for fires in the Wollondilly area where 70 km/h winds have forced fire crews to withdraw from firefighting operations with several bushfires running as a "crown fire" (fire burning through the tree tops - symptomatic of a bushfire of extreme intensity).

"There are a number of bushfires that are of serious concern to us at this time. Weather conditions, particularly the current high winds in a number of areas, are causing erratic fire behaviour, " said NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Phil Koperberg.

"The NSW Rural Fire Service is scaling up resources at all of these fires, although many are burning in remote locations as a result of lightning strikes that accompanied the intense storms experienced this afternoon."

Crews will be working through the night on those fires that have a potential to threaten property, while the more remote fires are likely to burn for several days. Fire officers are continuing to analyse the situation as reports of new fires continue to develop.

For more information or interviews:
John Winter or Cameron Wade - Duty Media Officer 02 9898 1855



for December 3rd:

1956: 6 Alarms - Box#5321 - W Lee St - Camden (South Of Downtown) - Fire involved the Domestic Rag Company. (CHM1)

2000: 4 Alarms - Box#13-11 - 2430-2434 Lakeview Ave - Reservoir Hill (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved (3) 3 story brick rowhouses. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman




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CFN, Columbia Fire Net, is a product of the Columbia, Missouri Fire Department. It was established to provide information via pagers to Chief Officers, Rescue and HazMat Team members and eventually to any interested CFD member. The pagers are provided at no cost to CFD members. With 4 pin options available, members could select any 2 additional types of pages. Obviously their individual pin, then a CFD all call pin and their choice of 2 more. About 2 dozen elected to receive CFN as one of their options. As of this writing there are 4 who are authorized to send out national pages. National paging will remain a very closely held authority. Since we are new, we have a rather steep learning curve. As Fire Chief, Wm. Markgraf is the nominal head of the system. The other 3 "national dispatchers" are employees of the CFD.

The telephone number for the Columbia Fire Department is 573 874 7391.
Home number for Darrin Arends is 573 687 3461.
E-Mail: dwa@ci.columbia.mo.us
Personal Pager 499 8686

The CFD Web Page is: http://www.ci.columbia.mo.us which is the citywide page, then select the fire department.

Other dispatchers include Battalion Chief Ron McCord, Lieutenant Steve Sapp, and Engineer Dan McGavick. We sign by CFN/(and then our LAN identifications which is usually our initials.) For "snail mail" communications we may be reached at:

Columbia Fire Department,
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