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Friday, December 07, 2001

LOGAN TWP. (GLOUCESTER Co.), NJ: Working fire at 303 Heron Dr. in the Pureland Industrial Park. Bridgeport Command reports they have a Commercial building with heavy smoke on interior. Companies in service trying to find source of fire. Need County Fire Marshal to respond. [EAN3305]. 1:29a.m.

HOLMDEL (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: *Large brush fire* Telegraph Hill & Overlook Drive. M/A Brush Truck from Hazlet en-route. [EAN6900/EAN318]. 2:07a.m.

CLIFTON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 417 River Rd. Working fire in a Commercial building 500x500. [EAN388]. 6:54a.m.

Update – CLIFTON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 417 River Rd. Not a building fire – it’s a large outside fire. Using Ladder Pipe to get to the seat of the fire. All Companies working. [EAN388]. 7:02a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a working fire @ 4204 W. Lexington. Smoke showing from a 1-story bungalow. 1 line off. [STL899]. 7:05a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update – STLFD’s working fire @ 4204 W. Lexington. Fire in the basement of a 1-story brick residence. 1 line working. [STL899]. 7:11a.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: *All Hands* Box 2628 @ 5201 6th Ave. All Hands working. Unknown size-up. [EAN2*EAN503]. 7:16a.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: 75-2628 at 5201 6th Ave. & 52nd St. (Sunset Park). Fire in the dryer that extended to the ductwork in a Laundromat on 1st floor of a 4-story building. Commercial on the 1st floor with dwellings above. Main body of fire knocked down. [MNS-88]. 7:16a.m.

NEWARK (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *Haz-Mat* 71 Williams St. (BD of ED Building). FD on scene with a person that released an unknown type Hazardous substance into the building. Requesting Police forthwith. [EAN100*EAN503]. 8:56a.m.

Working fire – PORTSMOUTH, NH: South St. “Edgemore Manor.” Companies report smoke showing. C603. [TAC9-C33]. 10:25a.m.

GLEN COVE (NASSAU Co.), NY: *Working fire* 82 Elm Ave. Fire in an unknown type building. M/A FAST Team to the scene. [EAN301]. 11:50a.m.

ROCKAWAY (MORRIS Co.), NJ: *Serious MVA & fire* Rt.80 East near Exit 37. Car headed west into eastbound lanes collided with an Asphalt Truck. Liquid Asphalt on fire. Major diesel fuel spill. Picatinny Haz-Mat requested to the scene. [EAN14]. 12:09p.m.

2nd Alarm – MILTON, MA: 106 Allerton Rd. Reported smoke showing on arrival. Companies report a basement fire in a private dwelling. [TAC9-C226]. 1:20p.m.

Hazardous Materials Incident – GRAFTON, MA: 200 Westboro Rd. Tufts Animal Hospital. Unknown substance. Mutual Aid from Millbury for Station coverage. C612 [TAC9-C811]. 1:20p.m.

MILTON, MA: *3rd Alarm* 106 Allerton Rd. [NEFNN/DESK]. 1:27p.m.

Update – 3rd Alarm – MILTON, MA: 106 Allerton Rd. Reported smoke showing on arrival. Companies report heavy fire in the basement and floor #1. fire in a 1.5-story brick dwelling. 2 lines in operation. [TAC9-C226]. 1:50p.m.

QUEEN ANNES Co., MD: Box 7-6 (Crumpton). 2nd Alarm Equiv. House fire. Birchville Sawmill Rd. E-72 reports heavy fire showing. M/A Kent Co., MD. [MFN-696]. 3:01p.m.

FAIRFAX Co., VA: **2nd Alarm** Hi-Rise fire at 8045 Leesburg Pike. Fire in ductwork. [DC5]. 3:11p.m.

PORT JERVIS (ORANGE Co.), NY: Rt.209 N&G’s Tech working fire. M/A for cover. [EAN305]. 3:25p.m.

Update – QUEENS ANNES Co., MD: Box 7-6 (Crumpton). 2nd Alarm Equiv. House fire at 110 Birchville Sawmill Rd. Command requests utilities for live wires down on side 4. Transfers in progress. [MFN-696]. 3:45p.m.

LINDEN, NJ: Working fire at 1400 South Park Ave. Fire involving a large transformer at the TOSCO Refinery. Linden FD assisting the Plant Fire Brigade. [EAN44/45//EAN10]. 4:14p.m.

2nd Alarm – EPPING, NH: on Route 27, “Joe’s Auto.” Building well involved on arrival. C603. [TAC9-C461]. 4:22p.m.

EPPING, NH: 3rd Alarm on Route 27 at Joe’s Auto Shop. Well involved. [NEFNN/DESK]. 4:29p.m.

3rd Alarm – EPPING, NH: on Exeter Road (Route 27) “Joe’s Auto” Building well involved with exposures. M/A en-route. C603 [TAC9-C461]. 4:32p.m.

Update – LINDEN, NJ: Working fire at 1400 South Park Ave. at the TOSCO Oil Refinery. Fire knocked down & under control. Linden Co.’s returning. [EAN44/45/EAN10]. 4:43p.m.

ST. CLAIR (ST. CLAIR Co.), MI: 6600 Fred Moore Highway. Chimney fire. Fire now into the dwelling. Mutual Aid Marine City with Tanker and manpower. Marysville for Station coverage. [FNNM-290>510]. 4:53p.m.

QUEENS, NY: 75-5819 at 181-20 144th Ave. Fire in 2 vacant private dwellings. S/C for an additional Engine & Truck. [MNS432]. 4:53p.m.

Update – QUEENS, NY: 75-5819 at 181-20 at 144 Ave x 181st St. BATT 54 reports (2) vacant wood frame 20x40 private dwellings involved. T/L’s going into operation. 2 Lines stretched operating. [MNS432]. 4:56p.m.

BRISTOL TWP. (BUCKS Co.) PA: *2nd Alarm* Commercial building with heavy fire. & reports of explosions inside at 612 William Lee Dr. [EAN3305]. 5:44p.m.

Update - BRISTOL TWP. (BUCKS Co.), PA: *2nd Alarm* 612 William Lee Dr. Chief reporting a 200x75 Industrial building with heavy fire throughout. Hazardous materials inside. Reports of explosions. [EAN3305/EAN3386]. 5:52p.m.

MFN: QUEEN ANNES Co., MD: Dwelling fire @ 106 Foxrun Ct. Command reporting fire on the rear deck. Reported Propane tank on fire. Command holding 2 Engines only. Mutual Aid from Anne Arundel Co. placed in service. [MFN-1]. 6:03p.m.

TULLYTOWN (BUCKS Co.), PA: Box 3334 *3rd Alarm* 612 William Way Drive. Companies advising numerous explosions. Notifying Dep./Coast Guard due to water from fire running into Delaware River. Very flammable Hazardous materials inside. Setting up DECON. [EAN3305/EAN3386]. 6:09p.m.

Update – TULLYTOWN (BUCKS Co.), PA: Box 3334 *3rd Alarm* 612 William Way Drive. Companies advising side 1 has collapsed. All Firefighters accounted for. [EAN3386]. 6:15p.m.

NORFOLK, VA: 2nd Alarm @ 1400 block Chapel St. 2-story Commercial with fire through the roof. [VFN05*]. 6:20p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: 10-75 Box 1428 at 680 3rd Ave. fire in a 1-story Commercial Restaurant 60x20. 1 line stretched out. Companies checking for seat of fire. [MNS432]. 7:04p.m.

MONSEY (ROCKLAND Co.), NY: Working fire at 4 Unicorn St. M/A Engine with manpower to scene. [EAN100]. 7:04p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: 10-75 & PWH Box 1428 at 680 3rd Ave. BATT-32 reports had fire in the kitchen & ductwork of a 1-story Restaurant 60x20. Main body of fire knocked down. Fire is PWH with transmission of the All Hands. [MNS432]. 7:06p.m.

*Working fire* MONSEY (ROCKLAND Co.), NY: #4 Unicorn Street. Fire in a private dwelling. M/A 1 Engine from South Spring Valley to the scene. [MNS/95]. 7:09p.m.

TULLYTOWN, PA: 3rd Alarm – 612 William Way Dr. 200x75 Industrial building well involved. [EAN3305/10]. 7:21p.m.

ELIZABETH, NJ: 2nd Alarm on arrival at 712 Grove St. House fire. [EAN205/EAN10]. 7:22p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: Apparatus MVA, Ladder 103 involved in an MVA at Dumont Ave & Williams. Reporting 1 civilian injury at this time. Request PD & EMS & Safety BATT. [MNS432]. 7:24p.m.

Update - ELIZABETH (UNION Co.), OH: *2nd Alarm* 712 Grove St. Heavy fire throughout the structure. Command has pulled all personnel out of the building. [EAN10/EAN299]. 7:42p.m.

ELIZABETH, NJ: *3rd Alarm* 712 Grove Street. 3-story wood frame private dwelling – fully involved. [MNS432]. 7:48p.m.

Update – ELIZABETH, NJ: 3rd Alarm(+) on 712 Grove Street. Fire throughout a 3-story frame building with exposure problems. All Companies still working. [EAN STAFF]. 8:47p.m.

CHICAGO, IL: Still Alarm: BN43 has a fire at 744 S. Kenneth. 3-story occupied 25x40 with fire in basement. 3 lines working. Engine 77/95, Truck 26/36, 2-7-1. [CHGO-1/211+]. 9:14p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: 10-75 Box 3405 at West 8th St. & Ave X. Fire on the 2nd floor of an occupied multiple dwelling. Reports of children trapped in Apt. 2D. [MNS432]. 9:16p.m.

Update – BROOKLYN, NY: 75-3405, 2352 West 8th St. x Avenue X. Fire 2nd floor of a 7-story occupied multiple dwelling. [MNS432]. 9:19p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: All Hands – Box 3405 at Ave “X” & W. 8th St. Fire on the 2nd floor of a 7-story brick occupied multiple dwelling. Fire is PWH. [EAN100]. 9:24p.m.

Update – ELIZABETH, NJ: 3rd Alarm at 712 Grove Street. Fire throughout a large 3-story dwelling. Fire now under control. [EAN10]. 10:12p.m.

Working fire – MELROSE, MA: Box-391 at 2 Trenton Street. Reported cellar fire in a dwelling. M/A requested. [TAC9-C20]. 11:40p.m.

Working fire – PROVIDENCE, RI: 31 Greeley Street. E-12 reports heavy fire in a 3-story wood frame Duplex. Request additional Engine & Ladder on arrival. [TAC9-C51]. 11:45p.m

2nd Alarm – PROVIDENCE, RI: 31 Greeley St. Heavy fire in a 3-story wood frame occupied duplex. [TAC9-C51]. 11:49p.m.

Update – *2nd Alarm* - PROVIDENCE, RI; Box 5331 at 31 Greeley St. OIC reports possible people trapped on 3rd floor. S/C for an additional Ladder to the fire. [TAC9-C51]. 11:54p.m.

RALEIGH (WAKE Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm Equiv.* 6100 Remington Lake Dr. Well involved 2-story vacant house. New Hope VFD was 1st on scene. Request full 1st Alarm from Raleigh FD. C51(IC). 3 handlines stretched operating. Chimney collapsed. One hour control time. S/C FMO & Fire Investigator. [CFP*702]. 11:57p.m.



Hartford Citywide Radio Association Incident Log


Brookfield, CT /2nd Alarm/ 28 Prospect Dr 2wdfr NFI 00:53

Wallingford, CT /10-31/10-99/ I-91 near Exit 14 (2) 10-45 Code 1 (fatal) (4) 10-45 Code 2 (serious) R-5 X3 add’l EMS req 02:40

Newtown, CT /10-31/ Rt34 a rollover 2 pinned 07:35

Coventry, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Rt44 and Barneby Rd car vs pole with wires down power co req 12:52

Waterbury, CT /10-75/ 384 Willow St 3wdfr NFI 15:53

Killingly, CT /3rd Alarm/ 92 Williamsville Rd unk type bldg NFI 19:22

Bridgeport, CT /10-75/ 50 Theresa Cir an OMD NFI 23:11


Hartford, CT /10-30/ 50 Willard St 3brk OMD fire 2nd flr closet add’l Engine req 01:32

Windsor, CT /10-75/ 76 Green Manor Ave a carport with extension to dwelling 02:08

Waterbury, CT /10-30/ 189 Stoddard Rd a kitchen fire 13:32

Hartford, CT /10-75/ 300-302 Park Ter 3bay 1wdfr garage fully involved 16:43

Newtown, CT /10-31/ 142 Boggs Hill Rd car vs pole 1 pinned 17:26

Hartford, CT /3rd Alarm/ 2 Hamilton St (aka 251 Zion St) occ 4brk OMD heavy fire all 4 flrs and thr the roof with extension to and exposure (253-255 Zion St) 3brk OMD over comm fire 2nd and 3rd flrs 20:18


East Hartford, CT /10-31/ Burnside Ave add’l Ladder req 08:41

Putnam, CT /2nd Alarm/ High St fire in 2 bldgs NFI 13:28

Burlington, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Rt4 and RT69 car vs pedestrian 15:10

Newport, RI /10-75/ 132 Simms Ave unk type bldg NFI 15:47

Groton, CT /10-31/ Rt117 at Rt184 1 pinned 16:43

North Providence, RI /10-75/ 21 Pinewood Dr occ dwelling fire in the kitchen 17:23

Torrington, CT /2nd Alarm/ Norfolk Rd “Hemlock Trailer Park” (1) 10-45 Code 1 (fatal) 19:12


Killingly, CT /10-75/ Cat Hollow Rd a vacant bldg NFI 01:03

Stafford, CT /10-75/ Furnace Ave a dwelling NFI 04:47

Trumbull, CT /10-75/ 180 Hawley La “Trumbull Marriott” fire in the kitchen 05:28

Southington, CT /10-75/ 406 Atwater St “Bruce MFG” fire in ductwork of industrial bldg 12:26

Enfield, CT (Shaker Pines District) /10-30/ 5 Birchwood Rd occ 1.5wdfr dwelling electrical fire in the basement 13:13

Milford, CT /10-31/ I-95 SB near Exit 35 car vs CT DOT truck NFI 14:32

Litchfield, CT /10-75/ 400 Torrington Rd “Fernwood Rest Home” 3wdfr fire 1st flr 21:16

Fairfield, CT /10-31 Code Red / Meadowbrook Rd and Kings Hwy involving Fairfield Engine 2 prolonged extrication 21:46

Derby, CT /10-75/ 16 Prindle Ave 2wdfr a basement fire add’l Ladder req 22:02


Ledyard, CT /10-31/ Rt214 and Avery Hill Rd a rollover car vs pole with wires down 1 pinned power co req 07:41

Colchester, CT /2nd Alarm on arrival/ Balaban Rd “Balaban Apartments” NFI 10:08

Hartford, CT /10-31/ Vine St and Coventry St car vs pole with wires down power co req 12:10

Middletown, CT /10-80/ High St Ext near Middlesex Hospital vehicle with 2 mortar rounds inside bomb squad req 13:04

Suffield, CT /10-75/ Babbs Rd unk type bldg NFI 16:37

Stratford, CT /10-31/ 88 Ferry Blvd car vs bicycle (1) 10-45 Code 1 (fatal) 17:24

Glastonbury, CT /10-31/ 1079 Hebron Ave multi car 1 pinned 18:16

Hartford, CT /10-75/ 194 Bonner St 2.5wdfr fire 2nd flr 19:05

Meriden, CT /10-75/ 22 Atkins St Ext unk typ ebldg add’l Engine req 22:49


Bridgeport, CT /10-31/ French St and Capitol Ave 2 cars 2 pinned add’l Ladder req 05:57

Meriden, CT /2nd Alarm/ 49 Prospect St 2.5wdfr fire 2nd flr 1 occupant rescued 11:43

Hartford, CT /10-30/ 39 Sumner St 3wdfr fire in the walls 23:47


Hartford, CT /10-75/ Forest St and Hawthorn St 1.5wdfr garage 02:20

Bridgewater, CT /10-75/ Henry Sanford Rd 2wdfr heavy fire 2nd flr 03:12

Hamden, CT /10-31/ Pine Rock Ave at New Haven city line 1 car rollover 1 pinned 08:50

Marlborough, CT /10-75/10-43 req/ 137 South Main St a motel fire in 1 room (1) 10-45 Code 2 (burns) 10:48

Hartford, CT /10-75/ 209-211 White St 2.5wdfr fire 2nd flr 12:23

New Britain, CT /10-75/ 211 South St car fire in a comm bldg 14:29

Windsor, CT /10-31 with fire/ 10-80/ I-291 at I-91 SB a tractor trailer rollover 100 gals of diesel fuel leaking add’l Engine, Tanker and DEP req 15:30

Plainfield, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ I-395 NB NFI 21:07

HCRA Website: http://www.hartfordcitywide.com
HCRA Email: hartfordcitywide@home.com


12/07/01 A/C/W Independence, MO 9601 E Truman Rd x Winner Rd Fully involved RV extended to 1-sty pizza shop. Pumper 3 stilled on the fire, on scene with heavy fire showing, fill out the assignment.

0121hrs Pumper 3 still alarm
0124hrs Fill the assignment: Pumper 4, Pumper 5 on air from previous run, Truck 1, Rescue 1, Chief 8.



December 7, 2001
Elizabeth, NJ
712 Grove St
Box 1716
3 Story Frame OMD
Heavy fire second & third floors of a 3 story frame occupied multiple dwelling.
1st Alarm 2011 hrs
2nd Alarm 2015 hrs
3rd Alarm 2030 hrs




December 7, 2001 2nd Turn

1422 hrs Still Alarm Vacant House Fire
40th & Penn Engine 5 reporting a working
fire in a vacant 11/2 sty brick 20X40 fire
in the basement. Engines 5,10 Ladder 4
SQUAD 2 Batt 10

5400 Blk of W. 25th Ave
Fire reported in a fireworks building, Engine 13
reporting heavy fire in a 50X100 Warehouse
containing several fireworks, Co's went to a defensive
stand due to heavy fire load. 5 lines and a ladder
pipe working. Engines 13,9,3 Ladder 4,1 SQUAD 2
Batt 8,4

0528hrs Box Alarm Fire in a Apt Building
200 W. 8th Ave Engine Co#1 on arrival
reporting occ 3 sty brick 40X100 fire on the
2nd floor 2 occupants were removed from
the floor above by SQUAD.
Engines 1,2,8 Ladder 1, 7 SQUAD 2 Batt 8,7




for December 7th:

1907: T-13 was placed in active service - They were organized on 1/31/1906 - They were quartered in a new firehouse on the east side of Carey St, between Hollins & Lombard Sts, west of downtown - It is a 2 story brick building on a lot 80' deep & 41' wide, costing $21,156 & the lot $5,234 - They received a new Hayes Aerial truck, complete with Dahill hoist - Their 1st Captain was Charles E. Price, promoted Lieutenant from E-1 - T-13 was disbanded due to budget cuts on 7/19/2000 & the firehouse stands vacant. (TUH*CHM2)

1968: 2 Alarms - Box#325 - Lafayette Ave & McCulloh Sts - Northwest Of Downtown - Fire did heavy damage to the hallway & classrooms of the 3 & 4 story Booker T. Washington Junior High School, occupying the entire block bounded by Lanvale & McCulloh Sts, & Druid Hill & Lafayette Aves. (TGA)

1972: 2 Alarms - Box#876 - 2135 N Fulton Ave - Northwest Of Downtown - Fire involved a 2 story brick dwelling & office - There was 1 civilian fatality. (CHM1)

1985: 3 Alarms - Box#6541 - 1600 Block Locust St - Curtis Bay (South Baltimore) - Fire involved a 1 & 2 story brick storage building. (CHM1)

George T. Ehrman



Thorndon Fire Station North Wellington Fire District Wellington NEW ZEALAND.



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