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Thursday, December 13, 2001

QUEENS, NY: All-Hands – Box 4810 at 89th Ave. & 171st St. 2.5-story frame 20x40 vacant building with fire #1 floor. 2 lines run. [EAN2]. 12:15a.m.

Update – HARVEY, IL: *3rd Alarm* on Box #4 – Fully involved Commercial building fire @ 159th & Center Street. 1 & 2 story 200x300 building heavy timber vacant building. Heavy fire conditions. Master streams working. In the process of setting up more Aerial Pipes. Companies having water problems. [CHGO-7/138/218*]. 12:18a.m.

Update – QUEENS, NY: All Hands Box 4810 @ 89th Ave. & 171st St. 2.5-story frame 20x40 vacant building. Fire #1 floor. FD reports fire darkening down. Heavy smoke conditions . Primary/search in progress. Remains DWH. [EAN2]. 12:19a.m.

STLFN: ST. CLAIR Co., IL: Camp Jackson FD has a fully involved working structure fire at 2405 Lucette. Cahokia & Prairie DuPont FD’s responding on M/A. No size-up given. [STL819]. 12:26a.m.

Update – HARVEY, IL: *3rd Alarm* Box #4 at 159th & Center Street. Building is a 1 & 2-story brick & heavy timber. Part of the building has collapsed. 5 Aerial Pipes and some handlines working. Long lead-outs for water supply. [CHGO-7/103*/218*]. 12:57a.m.

City of MIDDLETOWN (ORANGE Co.), NY: *Working fire* Railroad Ave & Montgomery. Unknown type building. All Call Firefighters to respond. Request 1 additional Truck. [EAN39/305/EAN318]. 1:07a.m.

Working fire – MIDDLEBORO, MA: 38 Station Street. Building fire. C105/C20. [TAC9-C461]. 1:21a.m.

NEWARK (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *All Hands* Box-1454 at 81 Whitney St. near S. Orange Ave. Fire 1st floor in a dwelling. [EAN301]. 1:47a.m.

Update – NEWARK (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *All Hands* 81 Whitney St. Fire is PWH. S/C Arson. [EAN301]. 1:57a.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: 75-1775 at 461 Jerome St. near Sutter Ave. BC39 reports fire on the 2nd floor of a 3-story 20x50 occupied multiple dwelling. DWH. [MNS62]. 2:59a.m.

Update – BROOKLYN, NY: 75-1775 at 461 Jerome St. near Sutter Ave. DIV-15 reports fire on the 2nd floor of a 2-story 20x50 occupied multiple dwelling. 2 lines stretched operating. Main body of fire knocked down. PWH. [MNS62/119]. 3:09a.m.

Update – BROOKLYN, NY: 75-1775 at 461 Jerome St. near Sutter Ave. DIV-15 now reports (1) 10-45 Code 3, civilian with burns on his arms. Fire is under control. [MNS62/119]. 3:18a.m.

Working fire – CAMBRIDGE, MA: Box-625 at 124 Oxford Street. Reported fire on the 3rd floor of a multiple dwelling. All Companies working. C612. [TAC9-C20]. 5:09a.m.

BRONX, NY: *All Hands* East 160th St. and Melrose Ave. Fire in the rear of a 2-story brick 50x100 vacant structure. S/C for an additional Engine, Tower Ladder and Truck. DWH. [EAN301]. 5:12a.m.

Update – BRONX, NY: *All Hands* Box-2345 East 160th St. & Melrose Ave. Heavy fire on both floors. 3 lines operating. DWH. [EAN301]. 5:19a.m.

PACIFIC (FRANKLIN Co.), MO: Pacific FPD *1st Alarm* Major Rescue for a train wreck @ 828 E. Osage St. x N. 1st St. Move-ups being made. NFI-ATT. [STL899]. 6:06a.m.

Working fire – BANGOR, ME: at 93 Pine St. A 2.5-story wood frame dwelling with heavy fire floor 2 and thru the roof. Exterior attack. C122 [TAC9-C101]. 6:32a.m.

PRINCE GEORGES Co., MD: Structure fire at 6700 Belcrest Rd. Command reporting smoke showing. *Working Fire Dispatch* sounded. Possibly an Apartment fire. [MFN-HQ]. 10:06a.m.

STLFN: (Overnight – 0148hrs) ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* fire @ 4736 Northland. Heavy fire through the roof in a 3-story brick building. NFI. [STL899]. 10:07a.m.

MFN-Update: PRINCE GEORGES Co., MD: Hi-Rise fire at 6700 Bellcrest Rd. (Hyattsville). Command reporting fire on the 5th floor of a 11-story high-rise. Fire appears contained at this time. [MFN101/MFN-1]. 10:19a.m.

CLIFTON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *All Hands* 16 Caroline. Fire in the basement. Started in the insulation. Fire is knocked down & under control. [EAN388/883/EAN503]. 10:30a.m.

EAST FARMINGDALE (SUFFOLK Co.), NY: *Working fire* 1114 Rte.110 between Great Neck Rd. & S. State Parkway. Firefighter on scene confirming. Re-tone for manpower. [MNS116/95/143]. 11:02a.m.

CAMDEN (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 440 Grant St. Smoke showing from the 2nd floor. 1 occupant removed & second occupant unaccounted for possibly on the 2nd floor. [EAN3305]. 1:32p.m.

2nd Alarm on arrival – HENNIKER, NH: 16 Goulds Pond Rd. A building fire. M/A requested. [TAC9-C101]. 1:33p.m.

3rd Alarm – HENNIKER, NH: 16 Goulds Pond Rd. A building fire. C603 [TAC9-C101]. 1:37p.m.

HENNIKER, NH: 3rd Alarm – 16 Gould Rd. Large barn well involved. [NEFNN/DESK]. 1:44p.m.

Update – CAMDEN (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: *Working fire* at 436 Grant. Fire is under control. All occupants out of the house. [EAN3305] 1:52p.m.

Update - *3rd Alarm* HENNIKER, NH: 16 Goulds Pond Rd. 2-story house 20x50 with a barn well involved. Tanker shuttles. [NEFNN/DESK]. 2:09p.m.

BELLMORE (NASSAU Co.), NY: Working fire at 2662 West Alder Rd. x Bedell. Fire in a private dwelling. M/A Merrick for 1 Engine, N. Bellmore 1 Ladder & 1 AMB to stand-by BFD HQ. [MNS432]. 3:33p.m.

Update – BELLMORE, NY: Working fire at 2662 West Alder St. M/A Wantagh FAST Truck to scene. Fire 2nd floor of a 2.5-story story private dwelling. Remains DWH. [MNS432]. 3:37p.m.

Update – BELLMORE, NY: Working fire at 2622 West Alder. Command reporting main body of fire knocked down. Fire is Signal 12 (PWH). [MNS432]. 3:49p.m.

ELIZABETH (UNION Co.), NJ: Working fire on Adams Ave. Chimney fire in a 2.5-story frame. Signal 11 per DC4. FAST Team assigned. [EAN44]. 4:10p.m.

ELIZABETH (UNION Co.), NJ: Working fire at 514 Adams Ave. Chief now canceling FAST Company and only holding to 2 Engines, 1 Truck & Rescue. All visible fire is darkening down. [EAN44]. 4:12p.m.

NEWARK (ESSEX Co.), NJ: Working structure fire at 35 Van Ness Place. Heavy fire on the 2nd floor of a large 2.5-story frame structure. This was a Radio Alarm from RC-1, he requests EMS to the scene. [*EAN700/EAN24]. 4:21p.m.

STLFN: (1613hrs) – ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* fire in a 2.5-story frame structure @ 8110 Minnesota. NFI. [STL899]. 4:23p.m.

MFN: ANNAPOLIS, MD: Apartment fire at 124 Oberry Ct. Engine-38 on location reporting heavy smoke from the top floor. [MFN-10]. 4:26p.m.

Update – NEWARK, NJ: Box 4359 at 35 Van Ness. Had heavy fire on the 2nd & 3rd floors of a large 2.5-story frame building. DC now places the fire under control. [*EAN700/EAN24]. 4:29p.m.

MFN-Update: ANNAPOLIS, MD: Apartment fire at 124 Oberry Ct. Command reports bedroom fire on the 3rd floor. Fire is knocked down due to quick attack. [MFN-10]. 4:30p.m.

Working fire – NEWTON, MA: Box-663 at 36 Amherst Rd. Bedroom fire on floor 2 of a 2-story wood frame structure. Fire extended to the attic area. Companies opening the roof. All occupants accounted for. All Companies working. [TAC9-C66]. 5:58p.m.

COMMACK, NY: Working fire at 21 Dingy Ct. x Magnon Rd. Private dwelling. Basement job. M/A for cover. [MNS 47]. 6:07p.m.

Update – working fire – NEWTON, MA: Box-663 at 36 Amherst Rd. Fire on the 2nd floor and extended to the attic of a 2-story wood frame (under construction) building. Fire is knocked down. Now PWH. [TAC9-C66]. 6:21p.m.

NEWARK (NEW CASTLE Co.), DE: Brown Lab at 162 Academy St. on the University of DE Campus. *Haz-Mat* spill of 12oz of Ethyl Bromoacetate Acetate. PD has building sealed. FD on scene with Haz-Mat Units en-route. [EAN23]. 6:47p.m.

BROOKLYN, NY: Working fire – Box 1027 at 621 Rutland Rd. 4-story brick occupied multiple dwelling. L-174 FAST. [MNS-30]. 6:56p.m.

Update – BROOKLYN, NY: Working fire – Box 1027 at 621 Rutland Rd. near Kingston. Using 2 Engines & 2 Trucks. Kitchen fire 1st floor of a 4-story brick 100x100 occupied multiple dwelling. BN-38 [MNS-30]. 7:00p.m.

BRENTWOOD, NY: Working fire in a private dwelling at 728 N. Thompson x Pineaire Dr. Re-tone for manpower. [MNS 47]. 7:17p.m.

BRONX, NY: 2876 Gleason Ave near Fetley Ave. 2-story multiple dwelling with fire 2nd floor. [MNS-30]. 7:33p.m.

Update – BRONX, NY: 75-2876 Fetley & Gleason Aves. Fire 2nd floor of a 2.5-story private dwelling 20x40. Main body of fire knocked down. [MNS119/154]. 7:35p.m.

QUEENS, NY: Working fire – Box 7415 at 34-05 41st St. Building fire. [MNS-30]. 8:37p.m.

QUEENS, NY: 75-7415 at 34-05 41st St. near 34th Ave. 3-story brick 20x40 attached multiple dwelling with fire 2nd floor front. 2 lines run. Aided in distress on the 2nd floor. BN-49. [MNS-30]. 8:42p.m.

Update – QUEENS, NY; 75-7415 at 34-05 41st St. near 34th Ave. All fire knocked down. Primary search negative. Fire is PWH. BN-49. [MNS-30]. 8:47p.m.

BALTIMORE Co., MD: Dwelling fire at 59 Torque Way (Box 12-7). Command reporting a fire on the 1st floor. Lines have been stretched. Primary searches negative. [MFN-1]. 10:33p.m.

GRANDVIEW (JACKSON Co.), MO: Working structure fire at 12429 Valley Brook Rd. M/A from Belton & South Metro FD’s. [KCFN-02]. 11:17p.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire at 14 Talbot Street near Hanover Street. (Box 35-7). Command reporting a 2-story single family dwelling with fire showing on the 2nd floor. Lines being stretched at this time. *Working Fire Dispatch* sounded. [MFN-1]. 11:47p.m.

MFN-Update: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire at 14 Talbot Street near Hanover Street. (Box 35-7). Command reporting fire knocked down. Special call for a 2nd Medic. All searches have been negative. MFN13/98 on scene. [MFN-1]. 11:54p.m.



Brooklyn, N.Y. 12/13/01 @ 04:00 hrs.
East New York Section

Box 1775
address: 461 Jerome St.
between: Sutter Ave. & Blake Ave.

1775 @ 03:47
Engs. 332, 290, 236
Lads. 175, 103
Batt. 39

10 - 75 - 1775 @ 03:51
Ladder 107 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 233
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #252
Batt. 44
Division 15

Fire Building:
3 Story Brick 20 x 50
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Similar Type attach
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a Similar Type attach

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 1775 @ 03:56
Batt. 39 reports, Using all - hands for a fire on the 2nd. floor of
a 3 story M.D. We have 2 - lines stretched, 1 - line in operation.
Primary search is in - progress. Fire's Doubtful.

@ 03:59
Special Call an add. Truck. TowerLadder 120 is s/c

@ 04:06
Division 15: Have 2 - hand lines stretched & in operation.
All visible fire has been knocked down. Primary search is still
in progress. Probably Will Hold.

@ 04:09
Batt. 39: We have ( 1 ) injured civilian with burns to both arms.
Person is being treated by E. M. S. at this time. Fire is UnderControl.

@ 04:16
Division 15: Primary and secondary searches are completed thru out
and are negative. Fire is UnderControl. We have ( 1 ) civilian that
self evacuated with burns to the arms. Make this a 10 - 45, Code 3.





County enters agreement for rescue services

A total of 37 firefighters from eight Ozark County volunteer fire departments took part in special training provided by the University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute last week. This brings to almost 50 the number of firefighters certified as auto extrication technicians, according to Ozark County Mutual Aid President Terry Sheppard.


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FLOOD - South Africa - Active Incident

Rescuers searching for flood survivors

Mpumalanga police say a team of divers is continuing to search for a missing boy following floods that swept through Lydenburg and claimed the lives of four people, including a four-month-old baby.


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for December 13th:

1953: 4 Alarms - Box#734 - 20 S Franklintown Rd - West Baltimore - Fire involved the Ispa Company. (CHM1)

1978: 5 Alarms - Box#574 - Baltimore & Hanover Sts - Downtown - An arson caused fire involved the 5th floor of the Lord Baltimore Hotel. (CHM1)

1989: 2 Alarms - Box#6448 - 1047hrs - 2430 Miasel Ct - Mount Winans (Southwest Baltimore) - Fire involved a brick low-rise project type dwelling. (TGA)

1994: 2 Alarms - Box#367 - 1524hrs - 900 Argyle Ave - Northwest Of Downtown - Fire involved an apartment in a brick hirise project type apartment building. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman



13DEC1994 - USA - Air Crash - An American Eagle commuter plane carrying 20 people crashed short of Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina, killing 15.

13DEC1982 - North Yemen - Earthquake - 2800 Yemenis die as a result of an earthquake that measured 6.0. On the Richter scale.

13DEC1931 - Java - Volcano - Merapi erupts killing over 1,300 people. Besides Krakatoa, Java has had a number of major eruptions: Papandayan in 1772 (3000 dead), Miyi-Yama in 1793 (53,000 dead), and Keluit in 1919 (5,500 dead).

13DEC1916 - Italian Alps - Avalanche - An avalanche claims the lives of 1000 Austrians and Italian soldiers. Experts believe 60,000 soldiers died in accidental and purposeful avalanches in the Alps from 1915-1918.

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Putnam, Ct. Fire Department site


- Mike Kalette


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