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Sunday, December 16, 2001

EAST ORANGE, NJ: **2nd Alarm** 470 Norwood St. Fire top floor 2.5 frame. NFI [MNS-516]. 2:48a.m.

NEWARK, NJ: **2nd Alarm** 320 Mt. Prospect Ave. 5 story brick bldg - fire 2nd floor extended to 3rd floor. NFI. [MNS-516]. 3:31a.m.

EAST ORANGE, NJ: 2nd Alarm at 470 Norwood St. 2.5 story wood frame fully involved + collapse M/A to work/cover. Request Canteen Unit. [EAN24/10]. 4:24p.m.

DETROIT (WAYNE Co.), MI: **2nd Alarm** @ 1611 Cortland x 12th & 14th. Fire in a 4 story occupied Apartment building. Chief 5 requesting extra Trucks on the 2nd Alarm be prepared to raise Aerials for evacuation of building. [FNNM-16,600>201]. 4:56a.m.

BALTIMORE, MD: (31-7): **2nd Alarm** b/o BC-2 (Baker)** Dwellings at 2707-2709 Boone St. (North of Downtown). BC-2 reports (2) 2-story brick rows with the 2nd floor well involved. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 5:06a.m.

DETROIT (WAYNE Co.), MI: **3rd Alarm** @ 1611 Cortland x 12th St. Chief 5 reports fire is knocked down but wants the 3rd Alarm for manpower to assist with search & rescue. Fire is in 4-story occupied Apartment building. [FNNM-16,600>200]. 5:09a.m.

Working fire – MIDDLETON, NH: 470 Silver St. A double-wide mobile home with fire showing. C603 [TAC9-C101]. 5:30a.m.

Update – BALTIMORE, MD (31-7): 2nd Alarm vacant dwellings at 2707-2709 Boone St. BC-2 reports fire under control. Searches negative for homeless victims. 2nd Medic requested for injured civilian. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 5:38a.m.

NORTH MIAMI (DADE Co.), FL: 2nd Alarm on arrival at 1 NW 119th St. Dade County on scene of a Strip Mall. Setting up Master stream. This is the third 2nd Alarm in Dade County in less than 12 hours. [GCFN01]. 6:18a.m.

STLFN: WENTZVILLE (ST. CHARLES Co.), MO: *1st Alarm* for a Mobile Home fire on Oakfield Dr. Companies: 9844, 9816, 9154, 9214, 9800, Medic 7 requested. Co.9844 on scene. 9154 laying 5” large diameter hose. Utilities notified. [STL 829]. 7:19a.m.

STLFN: WENTZVILLE (ST. CHARLES Co.), MO: Update *1st Alarm* on Oakfield Dr. Fire now out. Command reports primary & secondary searches negative. Command requesting Fire Marshal to respond. *FINAL* [STL 829]. 7:43a.m.

Working fire – MILTON MILLS, NH: on Church St. Reported structure with heavy smoke conditions and fire showing. M/A requested and lying in. C603. [TAC9-C69]. 7:49a.m.

2nd Alarm – MILTON MILLS, NH: on Church St. Reported structure with heavy smoke conditions and fire showing. M/A requested and laying in. C603/C461 [TAC9-C69]. 8:01a.m.

HOHOKUS (BERGEN Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 20 Sergeant Ave. House fire. Request M/A to the scene. [EAN388]. 9:15a.m.

STLFN: (0530hrs) DUPO (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Dupo FD had a fully involved structure fire @ IMBS Station Rd. x Lunceford Rd. Difficult access. Long house lays. Used 2.5” lines. M/A Prairie DuPont FD. [STL-vm/STL899]. 9:45a.m.

WEST NEW YORK (HUDSON Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 522 54th St. Fire on the 3rd floor of an occupied multiple dwelling (Apt. building). [EAN388]. 9:53a.m.

CHICAGO, IL: Still Alarm: BATT-13 has a fire @ 43 N. Menard. A 2-story flat 25x50 with fire on the 2nd floor. 2 lines working. E113/96, T29, TL14, SQD-2 & 2-7-2. [CHGO-24/23+31+/259+] . 10:13a.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: *2nd Alarm* dwelling fire at 9 West Chase St. Command reporting a 4-story structure with heavy fire on the 1st floor. 2nd Alarm sounded on arrival. (Box 19-6). [MFN-1]. 10:28a.m.

Working fire – MALDEN, MA: Box 672 at 35 John Street. Dwelling fire. Companies report fire showing in the rear. Charging lines. M/A en-route. [TAC9-C461]. 10:28a.m.

BALTIMORE, MD (19-6): *2nd Alarm* on arrival b/o BC-2 (Williams)** Apartment building at 19 W. Chase St. (Charles Village – North of Downtown). A 4-story Apartment building with fire 1st floor. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 10:30a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD *Still Alarm* @ W. Florissant & Kingshighway. 2-story brick with smoke showing. 1 line off. PUMPERS: 12-27-26, BC806. [STL899]. 10:48a.m.

MFN-Final: BALTIMORE, MD: *2nd Alarm* Apartment fire (Box 19-6) at 9 West Chase St. BC-2 reports had fire 1st & 2nd floors of a storefront with Apartment. Fire under control. [MFN-8]. 10:51a.m.

MFN: PRINCE GEORGES Co., MD: Apartment fire at 3557 55th Ave. (Bladensburg). Command reporting fire showing out the 2nd floor. MFN101 [MFN-1]. 11:15a.m.

STLFN: Update – BROOKLYN (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Brooklyn FD’s last night call @ Midnight was a bomb threat at the Platinum Club. Evacuation was made & Scott AFB was called. Church Road & Fairmont FD responded. Units returned @ 0300hrs. [STL997]. 11:33a.m.

NEW FAIRFIEL, CT: 2nd Alarm at 13 Misty Brook Lane. Reported large home with heavy smoke showing. M/A Tankers. [CWP/CT3306/697]. 1:08p.m.

NEWARK (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *All Hands* Box-5427 at 284 Adams St. 2nd floor fire in a 2.5-story frame. [EAN301]. 1:57p.m.

COLUMBUS, OH: *2nd Alarm* 2070 Sullivant Ave. Church fire. Defensive mode. Fire though the roof. 2nd Alarm on arrival. Several Master streams in operation. Box 15 Club responding. [FPO/D217] . 1:57p.m.

Update – NEWARK (ESSEX Co.0, NJ: **All Hands** Box 5427 at 284 Adams St. Fire placed under control with no extensions. [EAN301]. 2:00p.m.

2nd Alarm – BOSTON, MA: Box 2787 at 37 Nikisch Ave. (Roxbury). Building fire. [TAC9-C461]. 2:54p.m.

Update – 2nd Alarm – BOSTON, MA: Box 2787 at 37 Nikisch Ave. OIC reports a single family dwelling – fully involved. All Companies working. [TAC9-C461]. 3:16p.m.

KANSAS CITY, MO: Serious PI Crash @ NW Barry x Waukomis Rd.’s Reported 3 people ejected (Code Red). Numerous injuries. P3, P38, Q44, R16, CAR100, 3 MAST AMB’s & Lifestar Helicopter en-route. [KCFN-02]. 4:10p.m.

STLFN: BORSCHERTOWN (ST. CHARLES Co.), MO: *1st Alarm* for a vacant farm house in a field @ at 3088 Airport Rd. House on the ground. Companies: 9554, 9442, 9410, 8814, MEDIC 8, 9506 responded. S/C 9498 (Mini Pumper) to scene. Sheriff Deputy responding. [STL 829]. 4:14p.m.

FLORA (CLAY Co.), IL: Haz-Mat for a Hydrochloric Acid spill @ North American Lighting. E-1 on scene requesting EPA & Haz-Mat clean up. [CIFN*7]. 4:29p.m.

BRONX, NY: 75-3548 at Surf Ave x W. 17th St. Fire in the repair shop. 1-story 30x60 building. Heavy fire condition. All Hands on arrival. [MNS-154/119]. 4:58p.m.

STLFN: MAPLEWOOD (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Maplewood FD *2nd Alarm* @ 2600 Hanley on the N. Lot for a building fire. STLFD P6 responding M/A. [STL899]. 6:38p.m.

QUEENS, NY: 75-2916 at Willets Point Blvd x 35th Ave. Large area of rubbish. Request CON-ED to the scene. [MNS-154]. 6:43p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a working fire @ Ashland & Euclid. 1-story brick building with fire showing. 1 line off. PUMPERS: 24-26-10, BC805. [STL899]. 6:46p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update – STLFD’s working fire @ (corrected) 3300 N. Euclid x Ashland. 1-story brick building with fire in the attic. 1 line off. S/C for HL15 to respond. [STL899]. 6:52p.m.

EAST ORANGE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *Working fire* on William St. Fire on the #2 & 3 floors of a 3-story vacant building. Reported to be going good. [EAN301-301-503S-EAN503]. 7:14p.m.

Update – EAST ORANGE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *Working fire* in the area of North Grove & William Streets. All Companies working. Fire going good in a 3-story vacant building. M/A Newark to scene. Bloomfield to cover. [EAN301-388-503S EAN503]. 7:21p.m.

Update – EAST ORANGE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm* correct address is 212 William St. Fire in rear of a 4-story vacant building. Fire on the 2nd & 3rd floor. M/A to the scene & cover. [EAN400 O/S 301-388-305-EAN503]. 7:29p.m.

Update – QUEENS, NY: 75-2916 at Willets Point/35th Ave. BN52 using All Hands(+) for a large outside rubbish fire. Having difficulty extinguishing fire. Using a T/L and Foam operations. [MNS 212]. 7:31p.m.

EAST ORANGE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm* 212 William St. Fire in the rear of a 4-story vacant building. Fire on the 2nd & 3rd floors. M/A to the scene & cover. [EAN400 O/S EAN503]. 7:37p.m.

ANSONIA, CT: 2nd Alarm at 41 Mott St. 2.5-story wood frame well involved. [CWP/CT3687/CT80]. 7:39p.m.

EAST ORANGE (ESSEX Co.), NJ: *Third Alarm* 212 William St. Fire in a 4-story vacant structure. M/A to the scene & cover. Still have pockets of fire on the #2 & #3 floors. [EAN400 O/S 301-388-503/ EAN305]. 8:02p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: Working fire – Box 1595 at 561 W. 141st St. near Broadway. Fire in an occupied multiple dwelling. L40 FAST. [MNS-30*IAP]. 8:21p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: 75-1595 at 561 W. 141st St. near Broadway. 6-story 90x100 occupied multiple dwelling with fire on the 5th floor hallway. Fire knocked down b/o BN-16. [MNS-30*IAP]. 8:26p.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire at 948 N. Collington Ave. Box Alarm 6-1. BC-2 reporting a 2-story vacant building with fire showing on the 2nd floor. (MFN-73/210 on location). [MFN-4]. 8:53p.m.

MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire at 948 N. Collington Ave. (Box Alarm 24-9). Command placing fire under control. 2 attack lines working. [MFN-4]. 8:57p.m.

MFN-Final: BALTIMORE, MD: Vacant dwelling fire at 948 N. Collington Ave. BC-2 (Baker) requests Medic 10 for an injured Firefighter with a lacerated eye. [MFN-4]. 9:16p.m.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: *Working fire* TAC-Box 4513 @ 6th & Jasper Streets. BATT-1 has a 2-story 15x35 dwelling. Fire #2 floor. 2&2 in service. FAST Team added to Box. [EAN3305*EAN3308]. 9:18p.m.

Working fire – DERRY, NH: on Woodbridge Extension. Fire reported to be a Mobile Home fire with Mutual Aid responding. C603. [TAC9-C302]. 9:25p.m.

BALTIMORE Co., MD: Dwelling fire (Box 10-3) at 7813 Old Harford Rd. Fire in a 2.5-story wood frame dwelling. Command request Medic Unit to location for person having chest pains. [MFN-8]. 9:29p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* on arrival in the 4100 block Pleasant x Kossuth. Heavy fire showing from a 1-story brick building. 1 line off. PUMPERS: 8-20-17-10, HL2, BC806/801, SQD-2. [STL899]. 9:44p.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update – STLFD’s *1st Alarm* in the 4100 block Pleasant x Kossuth. 1-story brick building. 2 lines off. BC806 places the fire under control. [STL899]. 9:53p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: Working fire – Box 1182 at 251 W. 89th St. near Broadway. 12-story occupied multiple dwelling with fire on the 10th floor. L35 FAST. [MNS-30*IAP]. 9:59p.m.

MANHATTAN, NY: 75-1182 at 251 W. 89th St. near Broadway. 12-story 200x100 occupied multiple dwelling. Fire in Apartment 10D on the 10th floor. BN-11. [MNS-30*IAP]. 10:03p.m.

Update – MANHATTAN, NY: All Hands Box 1182 @ W. 89th St. x Broadway. 12-story brick 200x100 occupied multiple dwelling. Fire 10th floor. FD reports primary search negative. Secondary search underway. Fire under control. [EAN2]. 10:11p.m.

CAMDEN CITY (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 455 Rand. BATT-2 reports heavy fire out the rear of the 2nd floor of a 2-story occupied dwelling. All Hands in service. [EAN3308/EAN3305]. 10:13p.m.

MFN: ANNE ARUNDEL Co., MD: Structure fire (Box 9-18) at 22 Harwood Dr. BATT Chief 3 on location of a Horse Barn 100% involved. [MFN-18]. 11:12p.m.

MFN-Update: ANNE ARUNDEL Co., MD: Structure fire (Box 9-18) 22 Harwood Dr. Command (BC 3) reporting Barn on the ground. Requesting 2 Brush Units to the scene. Setting up for water shuttle operations. [MFN-18]. 11:18p.m.

Working fire – METHUEN, MA: Broadway Street at Center Street. Reported structure fire. C33 [TAC9-C302]. 11:43p.m.


NEFNN CONNECTICUT FIRE LOG ( http://www.nefnn.com )
-by Scott Harris


1147 W/F GROTON CONN 739 Long Hill Rd 1-story brick building - fire in the "H+R Block" office

1525 ACW BRIDGEPORT CONN 1291 Iranistan Ave 3-story frame OMD - bedroom fire floor #2


1927 ACW HARTFORD CONN Box 467 35 Hamilton St garage fire

2125 W/F NORTH BRANFORD CONN 187 Twin Lakes Rd 1.5-story frame dwelling - 1 room fire

2155 W/F BRIDGEPORT CONN on Englewood Ave house fire

2304 ACW ORANGE CONN on Robinson Blvd 1-room fire in a commercial building knocked down by sprinklers


0947 W/F EAST HARTFORD CONN 178 Plain Dr 2-story brick OMD - fire floor #2

1739 W/F+ WATERBURY CONN 22 Welton St vacant 3-story frame - exterior ops

2231 W/F HARTFORD CONN Box 51 38 Congress St 3-story brick OMD - fire showing floor #3


1311 2nd ALM MANCHESTER CONN (8th Utilities District) 384 Burnham St 1-story ranch style dwelling - attached garage fully involved extended into the dwelling


0017 W/F HARTFORD CONN Box 383 106 Stonington St 2-story brick OMD - bedroom fire

1201 2nd ALM MIDDLETOWN CONN 51 Silver St (near the Post Office) house fire

1403 W/F SOUTHINGTON CONN 76 Mulberry St house fire

2223 W/F HARTFORD CONN Box 773 76 Canterbury St large 2.5-story frame - fire in the walls floor #3


0104 W/F HARTFORD CONN Box 562 47 Clifford St occupied 2.5-story brick with fire showing

0530 W/F+ WEST HARTFORD CONN on Van Buren Ave (off Boulevard) occupied 2.5-story frame - cellar fire extended up thru the walls

1301 W/F+ MONTVILLE CONN "Montville High School" on Old Colchester Rd - mutual aid to the fire

2037 2nd ALM ANSONIA CONN 41 Mott St house fire well involved




On Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 0818 Hours (8:18 AM PST), twenty Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, four LAFD Rescue Ambulances and five Chief Officer Command Teams, all under the direction of Assistant Chief Curtis James, responded to a Major Emergency Structure Fire at 3068 West 7Th Street in Koreatown. The first Company to arrive on scene reported heavy smoke and fire showing from a large four-story building. Firefighters quickly deployed both ground and aerial ladders to secure access to the three floors of occupied center hallway apartments over the well-involved first floor of commercial occupancies. They affected the rescue of nine residents stranded near windows at the rear of the smoke charged edifice. As the victims were skillfully rescued, Firefighters extended handlines into the depths of the 1924-era structure, doing battle with flames that has extended between the first and second floors - as well as walls and attic, of the unreinforced masonry building. A comprehensive search of the 36 apartments and ground floor businesses within the 23,228 square-foot structure was quickly completed. No trapped victims were discovered. Of the five occupants assessed by Paramedics for smoke exposure, only one female in her 20’s desired treatment and transportation. She was taken in good condition to Hospital of the Good Samaritan for further evaluation. There were no other injuries. It took less than 42 minutes for Firefighters to confine the flames to the ground floor business, a densely packed variety store, as well as two apartments and the attic above. Near completion of their battle, Firefighters noted compromise of the aging structure. With concurrence of the City’s Department of Building and Safety, the building was deemed untenable. Most of the nearly 150 persons displaced by the fire were offered several hours of assistance by Firefighters in securing their possessions and retrieving essential items, before being offered placement assistance by the American Red Cross. Loss from this fire is still being tabulated. The cause of this Major Emergency blaze remains listed as under investigation.



On Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 1905 Hours (7:05 PM PST), seven Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters and two LAFD Rescue Ambulances under the direction of Battalion Commander Daryl Arbuthnott responded to a Civilian Fatality Structure Fire at 142 South Wetherly Drive in the West Los Angeles area. The first Companies to arrive on scene reported a modern three-story center hallway apartment building with fire showing from one first floor unit. Firefighters mounted a brisk and decisive assault with handlines, confining the fire to the apartment of origin and extinguishing the flames in just 17 minutes. During fire attack, Firefighters discovered the burned, pulseless and non-breathing body of an older adult male within the apartment. Despite the efforts of a veteran team of Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics, and the staff at nearby Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the 60+ year-old male was declared deceased shortly after arrival at the hospital. There were no other injuries. Loss from this fire is estimated at $10,000 ($5,000 structure & $5,000 contents). The exact cause of the fire, as well as that of the man’s death remains listed as under active investigation.

Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room EOC-423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: beh9593@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org


12/16/01 W/F Fort Leavenworth, KS St. Ignatius Chapel, Pope & McClellan Sts, 112-yr old Catholic church fully involved. Fort Leavenworth base fire department responding, City of Leavenworth FD M/A.

12/16/01 MVA Fatal Kansas City, MO 18th & Prospect, 1 DOA, 2 10-45 Code 2. Pumper 10, Truck 3, Rescue 11, Car 102.

12/16/01 MVA/MCI Kansas City, MO NE Barry Rd @ Waukomis, Honda CRX drag racing involved in MCI w/4 other vehicles, 3 teens ejected, 10-45 Code 3. Pumper 4, Quint 44, Rescue 16, Car 108.




for December 16th:

1968: 5 Alarms + Special Call 2 Trucks - Box#769 - 2906-2916 Springhill Ave - Park Heights (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved (5) 2 story brick rowhouses. (CHM1)

1981: 5 Alarms + Special Call 3 Engines - Box#8321 - 2701 Saint Paul St - Charles Village (North Of Downtown) - Fire involved the Saint Johns United Methodist Church. (CHM1)

1994: 3 Alarms - Box#3321 - 0544hrs - 204-210 Clay St - Downtown West - Fire involved a 3 story brick vacant building & burned for over an hour & a half. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman



16DEC1960 - Staten Island, NY - Air Crash - TWA flight 266 & United 826 collided over Staten Island, killing 128 aboard and 6 on the ground.

16DEC1959 - Lowarai Pass, West Pakistan - Winter Storm - Snow falling in Lowarai Pass, West Pakistan kills 48.

16DEC1944 - USA - Train Crash - Collision between north and south-bound sections of the 'Tamiami Champion' trains killed 73 and injured 200.

16DEC1920 - Kansu, China - Earthquake - Over 180,000 die when 8.6 earthquake causes destruction over 15,000 sq. miles. Shocks felt over 1.5 million sq. miles.

16DEC1857 - Calabria, Italy - Earthquake - Over 10,000 Italians perish during earthquake activities in the south.

16DEC1853 - NYC, NY - Fire - Does $22 million damage, bankrupting most insurance companies, contributing to Depression of 1837.

16DEC1811 - Midwest, U.S. - Earthquake - Most violent and prolonged quakes in U.S. begin in Midwest region.

16DEC1631 - Mt. Vesuvious, Italy - Volcanic Activity - Eruption, destroying 6 villages with lava & 9 others with mud flows. 4,000 people & 6,000 domestic animals.

IBN - Editors



This sight contains a lot of good fire pictures. For those of us do not understand what the term of greater fire means in LA. This shows some picture of them.

Click here: CHIBI Photos




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