Hello Everybody!

I'm the 9-1-1 Technical Coordinator and the Emergency Management Communications & Warning Officer for St. Charles County, Mo. (immediately northwest of St. Louis).

I was an active firefighter on the Cliffside Park, NJ Fire Dept. (a small combination department near NYC) for 15 years and served in various capacities. I was the Chief of the volunteer dept in 1988.

I also have a law enforcement and radio/ electronics background and was a paramedic for NYC*EMS and Jersey City EMS; I lived most of my life in and around New York City and still have many friends and family back east.

On behalf of my family and myself - our hearts go out to the guys from FDNY L170 and their families. May we always remember them by their joy for the job!

This web page looks and works great - it's been a long time coming! Congratulations & good work!