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    WHAT A GREAT SITE!!! Suburban Chicago FF, looking for Pub-Ed exchanges, Info to share! Always looking for new programs to "borrow". Feel free to e-mail ! look forward to hearing from you all!

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    Public Informaiton Officer/Public Education Officer with Madison (WI) FD. We're trying some 'new' stuff here and it seems to be working pretty good . E-mail anytime for more info. I may want to steal some ideas from you as well. Thanks!! Stay Safe


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    Hi I am the pub-ed coordinator for our dept here in Caldwell Idaho. I am currently usin the Risk Watch program...if you would like some ideas or information feel free to email me as welll

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    Ferris Boardman
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    Always looking for new ideas here in southern Maine. Currently working on a smoke detector program. I am looking to do something monthly on local access cable TV. feel free to email. Just started the web site which will turn into a nice PubEd tool, I hope.

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