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    Kara Howe
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    Default Greetings from CA.

    I think this a great Web site for all of those in or interested in the fire service.
    I love to talk to anyone from other Departments to see how things run in other states. So if you would like to correspond, post a response with your E-mail address.

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    Hi Kara !!

    From midwest here. I am also interested in finding out about fire/ems services in other areas of the country. Been in this field for 13 years now and amazed at how little I still know (Hmmm....don't say much about me there, does it??). E-mail <jdeppe@ci.madison.wi.us>
    Thanks!! Take Care

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    Hi there Kara,

    Just wanted to say hi and think that this is a great site from the little that I have seen so far.
    I'm a vol. with a department in Houston Texas and have loved every minute of it. Currently I am Captain at one of the 3 stations we have. Get the chance check out our web site.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


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