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    I am beginning a research project on people-oriented leadership techniques; to include coaching, mentoring, motivating, or just plain extending a helping hand. Will exchange views with all.

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    Chris Walker
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    I read your message and I am willing to share information, however, I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for. I am a fire/water rescue instructor that tries to motivate people on an almost daily basis. I also mentor for children at a local middleschool on my days off. Not sure how much I can help you on leadership, but feel free to e-mail(LADDRMAN1) me.

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    Scott Clark
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    Chief, you picked a subject close to my heart! My officer development training programs for firefighter's starts in their probie class. I look at each student as a potential officer of the future. Plus you never know when and if their ever going to be thrown into a position of leadership. So why not prepare them young. I also feel I want to bring the firefighter up to my level so someday they will take what I've taught them and make it even better for future firefighting generations. I first teach them the basics, then I encourage them to enhance their skill level. I then try to program them to become thinkers as well do'ers. When I was a chief I would take under-officers and have them manage the scenes and participate in problem solving at the station. Also I always asked their opinion on matters, they really liked that. This would build their confidents and boosted their morale. I'm a firm believer that a department with strong Captain's and Lieutenant's will be a strong and successful department. When their weak, the department is weak. I have seen this to much so that's what got me to pay so much attention to officer development training. And yes sir, I'll be in Baltimore this Summer.

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    LT trk106
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    Chief, Leadership is one of the most important peaple skills in the fire service.For me it will be on going for my entire career. We have a small dept.(13 full-time & 9 reserves), so even our most jr. F.F. at some point will be faced with a leadership role of one kind or another. We start them out on thinking like a officer from the moment they start as a full-time member. The Way our dept. is structured we rely on our full-time members to direct our reserves on the fire ground. Sometimes thats puts our lead eng. in charge of the fire ground while me or the capt. or both are in on the hoseline. But what can we do with only four man shifts. So leadership should start the day a member starts his/her career in the fire service. It will be ongoing for the rest of his/her career, as it should be for any good officer or firefighter. People are our most important resource, so lets make them the best they can be. We owe our citizens, our fellow firefighters, and our selves nothing less.

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