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    Default Marion County Fire Rescue, Ocala, FL

    Have been assigned developement of pump operator course for volunteer fire fighters. Would appreciate any resource material or leads on pump operation, maintenance and components. Looking mainly for videos and OH.

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    I have material on pump operating from the Alberta Fire Training School that you are welcome to. They school follows NFPA 1002 standard. Just e-mail me an address and I'll try to include some OH.

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    You have several options for pump operating training material. I can't direct you to our site because of FireHouse forum policy (even though we are less expensive) but here are some ideas.

    Fireground Pump Trainer: By Simulation Research Corp. This program simulates the operation of a pumper. It includes new pump panel components and "canned" panels, which allows you to manipulate the panel features to more closely depict the panel on your department’s apparatus.

    Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis Manual: (0-87939-171-5) This new edition offers additional examples for many of the chapters. References to fire protection water supply demands have been updated to match the requirements of the latest codes and standards.

    Supply and Attack Fire Streams: An Introduction (video) -- This video covers principles of water behavior, teaches you how to improve water supply techniques and includes quick reference card. Based on the text “Fire Stream Management Handbook,” Captain Fornell explains the essential of using fire streams.

    Hope this gives you a couple ideas. The simulator can be set up to look just like your pump panels on your apparatus and is a good price for the money. You can also have hoses rupture and things go wrong for the experienced operators.
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