Hellot everyone from Houston and glad to see firehouse online so we can keep up with the things we do best Saving lives, and fighting fires. I am located in Houston, a retired senior captain with the Vol FD. I am a Disabled Veteran, and also a avid ham radio operator(N5UOA) here in Houston,Texas. For you folks I use my ham equipment for RACES and SKYWARN, and also sending messages to people all over the world in case of Disasters, or life threatning events. I am a member of the USAF,(MARS) Program, and also send messages to all the service people all over the world, as a free service. If you have someone or know someone that has relatives and friends in the Military services let me know I will send them messages by the mars networks. Al I need is the complete address of the sender and receiver and up to 50 words in a mars message and they go out by military radio circuts. My email is markww@earthlink.net

Have a happy new years and stay safe