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    Greetings from FDNY!


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    Brian Book Guest


    Hi RESCUADOG This is FFD Cadet (Brian Book)
    just saying hello from Freeport IL.

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    Brian Book Guest


    Hi RESCUADOG This is FFD Cadet (Brian Book)
    just saying hello from Freeport IL.

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    bjrdn Guest


    Greetings RescueDog! New to this forum.
    Am a FF/EMT for Plainville Fire Dept., Plainville,MA since 1982. Also S/T Plainville Permanent Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 3415.

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    Hugh Saunier Guest


    Hello rescuedog,

    Thoug I would take a chance and see if you know Bob Athanus, or Doug Hantish. They were in our Dept to do our IRIS training.


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    Andy Henne Guest


    Hi there!!
    Just saying hi from Montana. Originally from Vermont, and the USAF has sent my family here. I work here as a Captain/SSgt with Malmstrom AFB Fire/Rescue.

    When I was in Germany I met two Guardsmen from Stewart ANG in NY. Both work the job in the Bronx FDNY. Do you happen to know Chris Delicio or Jeff Cool? Really good people, the both of them, and they taught me a lot when we worked together. Someday I want to ride a shift or two with them. I wouldn't expect you would know them with your huge dept., but I thought I'd ask. They were great representatives for Stewart and FDNY.

    I just bought a Code 3 collectible of FDNY's Heavy Rescue 3. What a rig! I have a friend who works Hartford, CT FD, and I had the privilege to see their Heavy, which I think is a nearly identical truck to yours. Nice..

    Nice to read your posting. Take care and be safe...


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    Gill Guest


    Rescue Dog,

    Hey, it's me, BTFD 451 aka Pumper 17. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope things are going well for you in the city. Hope to see you in the chatroom or just email me.

    Gill (aka pumper 17, BTFD 451)

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    BRAD Guest


    Greetings from ALASKA RESCUEDOG! You boys sure are the real Dogs with all those runs you get. Would be glad to trade stories or tips and tricks from the big dogs of FDNY. Welcome aboard and Be Safe!

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    trk12 Guest


    Hey Rescuedog, what's up !!?? This Bob Shelton from the Cincinnati Fire Divisions' Ladder Co. 32 the firefightingest company of the C.F.D.s'40 fire companies for the last 4 yrs. I am an 8 yr. veteran of the fire service. All C.F.D. FFs'are EMTs or Paramedics. How goes it in the LARGEST fire dept. in the U.S ???

    Robert E. Shelton

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    nsfirechap Guest


    I'd like to add my greetings from North Pole Alaska. I am a recently retired Air firce firefighter now with the North Star V.F.D. in North Pole. (Origanally across the pond from where you are in Bayonne, New Jersey).


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    pjackson Guest


    Hey Rescue dog

    Hello from Ont Canada,would love to here some of the war stories you must have.
    I belong to a small town vol f.d. North of
    Take Care
    Paul/stn 2-8


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